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'It takes a lot to let yourself be judged' - Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty talks about judging the show Zara Nachke Dikha on Star Plus…


Shilpa Shetty is all excited about being a judge on Star Plus' Zara Nachke Dikha.

She explains why Zara Nachke Dikha is an apt move when it comes to her professional graph. She also talks about the things that have gone awry with the Indian Premier League.

Over to Shilpa…

What made you sign up for this show?
I try to do something every year. And Zara Nachke Dikha apart from offering something different fit into my schedules. You see I've been working continuously for 18 years and I needed to slow down without fading into oblivion. And Zara Nachke Dikha lets me communicate with the audience and also helps me take time out to relax and spend time with my family.

What's your essential role in the show?
We all are different in our own way. We have our unique dancing styles and I'm here to say which style has the most distinctive charm to captivate the audience. Let's take for example, Sridevi. She had a quality that made her dancing stand out from everyone else. That's basically the reason she is one of our country's dancing divas.

What will be your judging criterion?
I would look at style, presentation and originality.

Won't it be awkward for you to judge members of the same fraternity?
They know they are here to be judged. So I'm sure they will be coming onstage with an open state of mind. I on my part will try to be as transparent with the reasons for my feedback as I can. Some may or may not agree with our decision as judges but then that's up to them.

Will we be ever seeing you as a participant in a dance show?
It takes a lot to let yourself be judged and I haven't reached that state of mind…yet.

Don't you feel this whole Men Vs Women issue is pass and won't evoke much excitement in today's date?
I do like to believe that we live in an egalitarian world and all and everything is without bias. But I feel there's always an undercurrent of competition between girls and boys. And as long as the competition is healthy, why fuss over it?

As an endorser of Rajasthan Royals, what's your take on the whole IPL scandal?
I don't want to sound rude or curt but I just want to say that it's an IT (Income Tax) issue let's not make it more than that. We came as investors in the second year when everything was clean …in fact it is till now. What I feel is that we shouldn't jump the gun about this situation. As for Lalit Modi or Shashi Tharoor, till one is proven guilty, he is simply not. Let the law take its course.

Why was Suresh Chalana's association with Rajasthan Royals kept under wraps so far?
Suresh Chalana was always a part of Rajasthan Royals. It was never hidden. Why are you all making it sound so murky? You know what, I don't want to give explanations any more 'cause this would just go on and on.

Will we see Raj Kundra make a guest appearance on the show?
They have paid enough only for me, so Raj won't be seen on this show (laughs).

Is there any dancing style that you feel you haven't mastered yet?
I'm not good at popping and locking. I've got too long limbs for that. I'm so glad it wasn't there during our days (laughs). Also, even though I'm a Bharatnatyam dancer, doing Odissi was very challenging for me.

Who's dancing style has enamored you during your growing years?
Randhir Kapoor according to me used to do phenomenal dance. For that matter the whole of Kapoor clan is blessed with great moves.

Will you be performing on the show?

Let's see. I don't want to divulge too much (winks).

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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aishhh. 10 years ago lolz shruti i agree.....don't particularly like her, but hopefully she turns into a good judge!
Mightymouse 10 years ago She sounds sorta rude and mean from these questionares!
yipee 10 years ago she is a gud dancer but not a great judge
-Nymphadora- 10 years ago she looks like a offence...but i hope she proves to be a good judge!
Micron 10 years ago she should judge a fashion show, not a dance show
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