It is Butterfly V/S Spider act on ZND this week

While the Mast Kalandars perform a fabulous Spider Act, the Massakkalis do equally well with a beautiful butterfly act in Zara Nachke Dikha..

Published: Friday,Jun 04, 2010 17:52 PM GMT-06:00
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With every passing week, it seems as if the dance floor of Star Plus' Zara Nachke Dikha is getting hotter and even more competitive, as both the teams are chasing a neck to neck race.

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A little birdie informed us that, "This week in the Zara Hatke round, both Siddhesh Pai and Aksshat Seluja did a fabulous job through their heart throbbing aerial Spider act on the web. Donning the costumes weighing almost 10 kilos, Aksshat and Siddhesh raised their dancing standards and left the judges shocked and thrilled".

We talked to Aksshat, and this is what he had to say. "Oh! It was the most tiring and toughest act for us, simply because we had to put in double energy in climbing the web, jumping around with those heavy costumes. But our hard work paid off when we received positive comments from the judges and it was an exciting experience."

To give the Mast Kalandars a tough competition, Masskkalis brought their best dancers Mukti Mohan and Sanjeeda Shiekh to perform a butterfly act.

Our source also added, "Mukti Mohan and Sanjeeda Shiekh enthralled the judges with their sweet cute aerial Butterfly act on the popular song 'Masakali' from the movie Delhi 6."

The two captivating ladies dressed in silver, pink and electric blue attire just gave the on lookers a feel of real butterflies in the most beautiful way.

When asked Mukti to intricate her experience she said, "It was a very sweet act and we tried to display the journey of an insect in the butterfly contemporary style (smiles). And the judges were shocked at the same time very happy with our performance. So over all the flapping of wings and flying in the air just gave us a very exciting experience."

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy 

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blossom11 12 years ago last season it was JENNY who was named statue this year it is KAPIL i guess coz i hv never seen him on stage xcept wen whole team cums, to choose a NISHANA
y is he here jst to warm d seat??
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priya185 12 years ago so tired of seeing sp and as performaning together every time come on boys dont hve to be so dependant on siddesh
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Vaibhav.sharma 12 years ago Mukti didi is just rocking...and Sanjeeda is also good...all the best to the BEST team..whoever it is Mast Kalandar or Masakali..
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aishhh. 12 years ago OMG...AS together yet AGAIN???
The mastkalandars surely know the game well!
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r07c 12 years ago Luv u Aksshu-Siddy, u guys always work so well together and are so dedicated to dance muahh
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kubare 12 years ago Hummm....Siddesh in every round.....what about the other boys?????
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KinSanj 12 years ago akshat and siddesh in zara hatke round AGAIN!!!
oh god please...it's high time we saw someone else now! srsly it gets boring seeing these two again and again in the same round!
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dhartiamber 12 years ago Iam happy Sanjeeda is doing good performances all the time and also doing good job in her daily serial on Starone. How I wish she came to Zaranachke dikha's first season this year the girls team is so weak as opposed to boys. Only Mukti and Sanjeeda are really good in the team. Boys have more experienced dancers & more known faces.
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shivani003 12 years ago Lol I was waiting for the girls to perform on the Masakalli song cos I love it. Woohoo my wish came true!!!

Awesome lookin forward to both acts as all 4 are fab dancers.
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-midnightsun- 12 years ago siddesh always does zara hatke round!!! they need to send someone else now!!! not that i dun like siddesh but its a team ahow not a one man show... :)
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