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Is Nandini getting a shade 'Negative'?

The much-loved Jodi of Karan and Nandini find themselves at a crossroad yet again, courtesy the sudden change in Nandini's attitude towards Karan.. What is the reason for Nandini getting heartless? Get the clues here...

Published: Saturday,Feb 02, 2008 09:18 AM GMT-07:00
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They are the ‘Darling Pair of the Masses’! The viewers rejoice when the duo are together, and cry along with them when they face hardships. Such is the popularity the reel pair of Karan–Nandini has amassed from their die-hard fans.

Recently, there was a lot to cheer about for the viewers of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, as their loved pair of Karan and Nandini got engaged after years of separation. But will the transition from engagement to marriage be a smooth ride for them? Well, it does not seem so, as the recent episodes have shown a different angle to Nandini’s character wherein the ever-loving and caring Nandini has suddenly gone heartless towards Karan. So what brings about this sudden change in her?

According to our sources, there is an unknown person who time and again blackmails Nandini, and claims to break open the hidden secret from her past, that will ultimately ruin her relationship with the Viraanis.. Now who is this guy who is all set to ruin Karan and Nandini’s life again? What is the mysterious past that Nandini carries as an ‘extra’ baggage?

The coming weeks will see the ‘Raaz’ opening up and with it, the serial will witness the introduction of few new characters. So will Karan and Nandini’s love be able to stand up to the test of time? Keep guessing!!

Author: Ankita Gaba

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mesmerized @mesmerized 15 years ago awww poor bipasha
yeap living in england isnt a childs play... racial abuse is something you have to deal with some times when i get called a paki or something i usuallu shout back pigface but you should never talk back as this people are very dangerous

i know exactly how she feels my skin colour isnt dark but it isnt fair either but i am very happy with the way allah has made me even if people call me stupid things

(oh does anybody know her website i wouldnt might saying hi to her?)
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jhinkurocks @jhinkurocks 15 years ago well jess.amit<3,i'm not creating a fuss here,u r in wrong topic,if u want u could hav also pm me bt u didn'i lolz,i can say it's u and who is creating fuss after aryandipika
i'm not hyper and illogical person like who dn't knw nothing bt ruin every topic/article
there is no much difference between u and aryandipika fan,bcoz jahan tak i remeber no KN fans tell u or her to like our Gauri&Hiten lolz
i told u,and again am telling there is lots of people r here for Gauri&Hiten,so here is no need of u two lolzzz
it's u two who popped up here and started to give ur rude and bad comments,again not needed lolz
oh yea for mihir-tulsi the serial is hittt?????????lolz i must tellu u hav great sense of humour,well sweet go and check the trp chart when KN shown and when ur so called mihir-tulsi shown(dunno where is mihir lolz),u will get ur answer,or just see sbs,i knw it's hard to accept for u bt that kyunki is nw NOTHING without Karan-Nandini,and it's the universal fact,see u r not KN lover,u want to show u just dn't care for them,bt see ur self u replying here again and again in KN's article despite of claiming u hate them lolzzzz
that's the memrising magic of Karan-Nandini,isiliye U HATE KN OR LOVE KN,U JUST CAN'T IGNORE THEM
u need to chill buddy
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Shruti @shruti 15 years ago I want to know what is this past & who is the unknown man from which Nandini is so scared.
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jessi @Jessuu 15 years ago Buddy u really need to chill!
wow :|
understand? :)
i can post anywhere i want..i wasnt even talking to u btw..it was u who decided to start the arguement..genius:)..
i agree word for word with aryandipika now!!
U CANNOT MAKE ANYONE like A COUPLE U like. get that thru buddy.
please dont talk to me after this..u need to say something ..pm me..dont create a huge fuss here.
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jhinkurocks @jhinkurocks 15 years ago lolz jess.amit<3,u r saying noone is listening bt see ur self,u listened and replied again lolzzz
well whenever anyone tell me i'm a crazy fan of GauriHiten,i took it always as compliment so thanx for the compliment:)
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Niharika Jain @Ultimate_Shadow 15 years ago i just want to ask gauri pradhan and hiten tejwani why the hell they r continuiing with this show...they can get better ahead...oh plz...look at hiten now...he is looking so pale workking in this reckess soap..plz u too...identify youselves u r gr88 ppl so just leave it and finding something what suits u
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jhinkurocks @jhinkurocks 15 years ago thanx for ur so called lecture jess.amit<3,for ur kind information noone forced that sarfira aryndipika fan to like KN/GHT,it's she whoo jumped in this article and gave her bloody idiotic reply,u dn't care just give one reply na,u reply here thrice,and u replied again and again the same thing that u dislike kyunki and it's characters lolz
and aryandipika fan,what can i say abt her,she wrote essay on GHT,uska brain ka screw dhila hain and we alll knw that lolz,
so chill my beautiful GHT fans
aare all dogies r here bhokne ke liye,har cheez dirty karne ke liye bt we r here na for our gorgeous couple on earth Mr.and Mrs.Tejwani
and ekta plz close kyunki,it is going nowhere bt showing the same repeatative things,just bring together KaranNandini and close ur kyunki,
most of peple watch a noutanki darama like kyunki just to see GauriHiten,and ekta knw that well,so ekta u better unite KaranNandini
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babypink&lt;3 @babypink&lt;3 15 years ago ooooooh omg i knew there was a reason behind nandini acting this way .
poor thing .
i hate this storyline:@
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Disha @dishu 15 years ago ekta and her writers r hopeless..dats all we can expect from dem..such stuid twist..huh
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pomegranate @pomegranate 15 years ago I wonder who it is mayb tanya cause she never liked nandini and wanted karan for herself...but pple says she is blind but she can always pretend to be blind.... then again it might not b her and someone else.
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