Is Masoom, Jogi Thakur's illegitimate child?

Colors TV Uttaran takes a dramatic twist pertaining to Jogi Thakur and his illegitimate daughter…

Published: Tuesday,Jul 06, 2010 19:51 PM GMT-06:00
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The focus on Colors TV, Uttaran in coming episode is soon to shift from the horny psychotic track persisting between Vansh (Rohit Khurana) and Icha (Tina Dutta) to the illegitimate child trail between Jogi Thakur (Ayub Khan) and Masoom (Nikita Sharma).

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As per our knowledge Jogi Thakur is soon to leave on a trip to visit the place where Masoom claims to come from but according to our source he fails to attain any proof of identity.

So the question whether Masoom is really innocent and illegitimate kid of Jogi Thakur is something we have an answer to….

A Little Birdie informed us that, "Masoom is not the illegitimate child and everything has been planned by Pushkar(Aman), Jogi Thakur's brother in law to inherit a big amount from the Thakur's property."

Though the creatives are still working on the manner in which Jogi Thakur would react when he fails to gain any proof of identity to prove his innocence and in course of time the creatives will work on the track as in how Pushkar's ultimate game plan will be revealed.

When contacted, Ayub Khan asserted, "I have no idea about the future track as of now we are just shooting the trip sequence."

We even tried contacting Aman but he remained unavailable for comment.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh, Pooja Shenoy
Author: Pooja Shenoy.

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regina88 12 years ago I use to watch this serial first then I had enough of it now it is too miserable
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arunima_LUIT 12 years ago horrible...h#### psychotic2010-07-08 04:55:57
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adoremevirgo 12 years ago nani n pushkar....jis thali me khate hai usi me chhed karte hai
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Anurulz 12 years ago "horny psychotic"????who has written this??
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regalla 12 years ago i had this inkling in mind the day i saw Muskaan....that Pushkar is still being maintained in Jogi Thakur Household...so definitely he must be having some devilish plans in his brain to eek out moolah from Jogi Thakur......

Otherwise, what use it had been to maintain the character of Pushkar in the household...if he has got rusted...i.e. forgotten all his corrupt planning.....

yes, it stands confirmed today.......

by the way, Serials ke world mein log "DNA Testing' ke baare mein ignorant kyon hote hain?????? do they live in the 19th century...??? but then, the mobile phones (latest models) and other gadgets donts prove that.............

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shivani003 12 years ago Pushkar!!!! I thought it was Naani!!!! God I hate this track!!!! I have stopped watching cos of this crap.... Now Iam just waiting for Vansh to die...
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Shaina_b 12 years ago The track is aptly described!!!!!Hehehehehehe!!!!!

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Ishan. 12 years ago LMAOOOOOO at horny psychotic !!! ROFL hahaha
Ab kya kya ho raha hai is story mein ! LOL I wont be surprised even if they later show Ichha as a vamp ! Tongue LOL
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-Imu.M- 12 years ago Seriously, 'horny Psychotic?' ROFL
But nevertheless, Uttaran's CV's are loosing it big time!
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jyoti06 12 years ago OMG horny psychotic track...ROFL..but I guess thats the right word being used here..haha...seriously Uttaran CVs r losing it big time here..earlier speculations went on about Vansh's death and now this..what exactly will b shown in the show now..so confusing...
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