Is Jasvir Kaur tired of being slapped?

A slapping scene in Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan creates a furor on the sets. But the two artistes involved, Jasvir Kaur and Gunjan Walia have a different story to share...

The buzz around is that Jasvir Kaur, the very tactful Pavithra in Zee’s Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan, was taken aback when a scene demanded her to be slapped by Gunjan Walia, who plays Lakshmi in the serial. It is heard that Jasvir put a simple theory before the creatives; 'You Slap and I Quit!!!'. In fact, she refused to do the scene and demanded a script change.

But when asked about this, Jasvir laughed away to glory and said, “Well, Pavithra gets slapped every other day by someone or the other in the serial. So why would I refuse to do this scene? If you see, tonight’s episode has a beautiful scene wherein Menka slaps Pavithra not once, but twice. Just see the scene and you will come to know what’s true and what’s not!!”

However, Gunjan Walia, though clueless about the incident, did opine that the slapping scene was removed from the script at the last moment.. “I really do not know whether Jaswir refused to enact the scene or not. But yes, the script given to me had Lakshmi slapping Pavithra, but when the shoot was about to start, the unit told me that the scene was removed”, states Gunjan.

Well, all said and done, it looks like the editing scissors did the magic at the right time and prevented both the 'Slap' and the 'Quit' from happening!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


Gunjan Walia

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Priya_SD 12 years ago thnx and i also wannna no where did twinkle go? i liked her better (no offence)
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ana1 12 years ago but if Jasvir denied it then how come it says there was a furor on sets
CarulinaTina 12 years ago thanks, interesting article... hmm, wonder if the rumour is true...
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