Is it Doctor Divyanka to the rescue?

Divyanka Tripathi of Zee's Dulhan becomes the doctor on sets, for a change..But was she a successful doctor? Check out for yourself...

Heavy rains in between hot and sunny days, have have taken a toll on the people of Mumbai. With most of the Telly Industry down with some illness or the other, the team of Zee’s Banoo Main Teri Dulhann caught up with their share of illness too. The protagonist of the show - Divyanka Tripathi who recently suffered from viral fever has now become extra cautious about her health; she does not want work to suffer if she gets ill. Now Divyanka is not willing for any compromise on her health, and this shows in her behaviour, as she carries with her, a medical kit wherever she goes.

Known popularly as the caring and loving Vidya, Divyanka brought in her reel character into her real life. While the director of the show Ismail Umar Khan, was down with viral fever, Divyanka at once went to his rescue with the same medicines that she took when she fell ill. But much to Divyanka’s bad luck, or should we say, Ismail’s bad luck, Ismail’s health worsened after taking the medicines, to such an extent that the poor guy had to take a day off from shoots!

Well, it looks like Divyanka cant wait to try her hand at being a doctor. So, what's next for Divyanka? Will we spot her endorsing antiseptics and band aids? Only time can tell, till then, we advise Divyanka to just take it easy…

Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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jigglypuff726 2007-09-06T00:30:51Z 100% princess, if you don't like divyanka, why post in articles related to her? each one is entitled to their opinion but please don't be so rude.
Nabihah 2007-09-05T21:48:24Z aww...thats sooo sweet divyanka!!!

Arun bhai-you see?? ur bride is going to medical school with you!!! lol howw sweet!
mz.jess 2007-09-05T20:12:00Z Thank you. =]!
@least she tried.
xoxramxox 2007-09-05T17:12:29Z aww atleast she tried
thnx for the article
ammmu 2007-09-05T15:31:34Z How sweet... that is so like Vidya and Divya... hope both of them feel better!

thanks for the article!
Isha_786 2007-09-05T15:09:33Z aww yea i agree at least she tried her best!
pomegranate 2007-09-05T14:11:43Z I can't stand her. she looks like an servent.
~*puja*~ 2007-09-05T12:24:46Z Thats really sweet of her to try and help him... why is when people try to do good, bad things always happen!
priyapiya 2007-09-05T12:02:07Z It was helpful!!
Aleast she tried!!!
She's sweet!!
Yuvika_15 2007-09-05T11:55:11Z aww but at least she cared and made an effort...
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