Ironman aka Robert Downey Jr tells Cap America aka Chris Evans to...

The most epic of all superhero battles, Ironman Versus Captain America seems to be getting even hotter ahead of the Captain America Civil War release on 6th May as Robert Downey Jr takes a snide dig at Chris Evans on the Jimmy Kimmel show!!


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It is Team CapAm Vs Team Iron Man in "Captain America: Civil War" and also on the show where RDJ, Chris Evans and team came to promote the movie.

When asked about the premiere of Captain America: Civil War, which took place in Los Angeles almost a month before the release, showing the confidence they have in the film, and about the onscreen and off-screen competition, RDJ quipped,

"All I know is, Chris Evans is such a nervous nelly. He gets all I mean, he plays a real butch guy in the movie. I love Captain America I hate to say it, I'm not supposed to say it, I love Chris, I love Captain America. Before the premiere, he's all nervous. We're supposed to drive in the Audis. He's like 'Bro, I don't know, should you go first, and should I go first?' I was like 'Man up, we've got to go to this premiere together!'"

Well we don't know if Robert Downey Jr. was joking or not, but it seems there is definitely some fireworks to expect from these two guys facing off on 6th May! 

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Robert Downey Jr. Chris Evans Captain America: Civil War 

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