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Introducing Amber Dhara!

Amber Dhara, an emotional journey od Conjoined Twins from September 24th Mon-Thur, 9.00PM, only on Sony Entertainment Television

Published: Tuesday,Sep 11, 2007 17:16 PM GMT-06:00
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Amber Dhara

~An emotional journey of conjoined twins~

From September 24th, Mon-Thurs, 9.00 p.m.
Only on Sony Entertainment Television

“Kahani Judi Behnon Ki…”

As in a story, so it is in life not how long is the story, but how good it is… Life is a jig saw puzzle with most of the pieces missing … some people only look at the missing pieces, while others find strength in putting the puzzle together.

Sony Entertainment Television once again brings to its viewers a fresh, endearing and relatable soap Amber Dhara, beginning September 24th, Monday to Thursday at 9.00 p.m. This beautiful and heartwarming story is about conjoined twins whose boundless zest for life and a never say die spirit makes them adoringly lovable.

Brought up in this small hill-station, Amber and Dhara grow up as two very distinct personalities. Amber is gutsy and takes on situations hands on; Dhara is more realistic and takes her time with decisions. A unique entity with two bodies, two minds, and two hearts yet conjoined for life.

As their journey of life begins they find themselves discovering a huge new world that is unknown to them. Amber and Dhara are inspiring twosomes who revel in every personal victory that they find through the choices they make. What happens when the conjoined girls fight to gain dignity in their own unique condition? How will they achieve impossible dreams and unimaginable successes? What happens when they fall in love?

From here on, starts the courageous journey of the conjoined twins --the girls rise up to various challenges, meet many interesting people, both good and bad…they slip at times, bounce back at most times, with even more determination …their beautiful journey continues…and touches hearts. AmberDhara is the celebration of human spirit and victory.

Commenting on the launch of this path-breaking show, Albert Almeida, Executive Vice President & Business Head, Sony Entertainment Television, said, “We have always come up with concepts that are a refreshing change on Indian Television. AmberDhara is yet another clutter-breaking effort that reinforces our belief of delivering differentiated, progressive and unique storylines. The emotional engagement in the show and the beautiful bonding of the characters Amber & Dhara promise to keep the viewers glued with its engrossing storyline and powerful characters”.

About the concept, Sidharth Tewary and Vikas Seth the debutant producers of the show commented, “The idea of ‘conjoined twins’ was conceived and developed in to a storyline as we were looking at presenting a show that would break the current generic saas-bahu trend; a story that would inspire people, because of the lovable and relatable characters, who with their indomitable spirit will warm hearts & homes.”

Amber Dhara has powerful performers from veteran TV and film actor Paintal, Mona Ambegaonkar, Shveta Gulati in dynamic roles. Also watch out for the protagonists, the girls playing Amber & Dhara ---they will charm you and force you to fall in love with them. Sidharth Tewary & Vikas Seth of Swastik Pictures produce the show.

Watch this endearing journey of Amber and Dhara Starting from September 24th, Monday to Thursday, at 9.00 p.m, Only on Sony Entertainment Television.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Mavra @smilingstar3 16 years ago This indeed seems very exciting, and quite original. Lets just hope it stays that way, and DOESN'T become like one of those redundant Saas-Bahu sagas!! Atleast, that's what happened with most dramas! Lets keep our fingers crossed! This should be a very interesting watch!
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noor @tiptop17 16 years ago wow cool great amazing
the concept is to different
i m waiting to see it
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Bhavesh Chauhan @Bhavesh.Chauhan 16 years ago conjoined twins! wow... great story, very unique!
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jasmeet khaneja
jasmeet @jasmeet khaneja 16 years ago Sounds intresting!!! I agree the idea is very unique!!
I wonder who are playing the character of amber &dhara.
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shubha @GetbusyLiving 16 years ago oh wow...i have been waiting for this show to start from when..finally would see shweta in a new show..her character sounds tia-ish but more greqysh i guess...
who cares..i am happy she is going to be in such an unique show..

thanx a ton
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Mitesh @Mitesh.P 16 years ago Great artcile, great show. Loved the pictures.
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suadvani @suadvani 16 years ago really lookin fwd to this one - will be a refreshing change - wonder who's playing the lead?
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Krupa @-Krupa- 16 years ago I'm actually looking forward to a show for a change!..i can't wait!...& OMG!!..Shweta looks so pretty in the pic!
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angelic eyes
yojana/angelic eyes @angelic eyes 16 years ago I m just dyin 2 watch this seriall.. Finally Harsh ke bare mein aaya!! Thanxx a lot guys!!
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TD @tsfme 16 years ago very inspiring storyline
I will be watching closely
all the best to the team

lol tara:)
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