Interview with Cezzane Khan

Most popular and impressive actor of Indian television Cezanne Khan aka Anurag basu sharing his words with India-Forums

How did you get in the television industry?

Cezanne: I did modeling for a long time and was going to get in for my MBA, when I suddenly joined the theatre workshop and got a serial called Hasratein. I had an option of doing my MBA or serials. I actually wanted to do films, even got a couple of films in hand but they shed so I started my carrier with Hasratein, went on to Palchin did a bit of Dushman and Kasauti came on. So that’s my journey.
What’s the best time you have had on the sets?

Cezanne: There are lots of good times, on the set but it is nothing like a best time I mean if you have a good scene to do that’s always the best time for you. If the scene is really good, you enjoy yourself but we have good times. As you know that Kasauti has gone to Malaysia, Singapore so we had there also. Out door was really fun. Apart from that earlier year of Kasauti was much better. You really enjoy your self. We do work like 16 to 17 years. We have to keep the show running so it was a great feeling and those were the good time other wise apart from that all the times are good times because you make friends and basically be with the people. So it is fun all the way.

So is there any particular thing that you remember which makes you smile when you think of it even now?

Cezanne: I was shooting for a Diwali promo and was wearing a dhoti kurta and trust me it got burned. I was running around by burned dhoti and lucky Kiran Karmakar who is playing Om in Kahani had to put on the flame and I had to shoot the whole day in the same dhoti. So, I remember this moment. When you look back at it, it really does, I mean out of all the people I have to get burned.

It’s said that there is a woman behind the success of every man. Who is the woman behind your success?

Cezanne: The woman behind me is my mother. She is the person I love the most in the world and I think her prayer really worked for me. She really prays hard for me and I guess nothing is stronger than that.

When you were going to do your MBA then you switched over to television, film so what was the reaction at your home?

Cezanne: Actually my mamu’s and all were really against it so were my other relatives but my mom believed at me and she said that I should go ahead with it and do what I think is the best. So, I guess that was really encouraging. Many kids do not get to what they want to but since my mom was with me I got todo what I wanted to do.

Can you tell us about your other ventures?

Cezanne: It’s not finalized yet. There are things which I am doing but nothing is finalized yet but I know that my fans are really going to be disappointed, if I give them one news that by Jan end I am leaving Kasauti, but tell them not to get disappointed they will definitely be seeing me around and I will definitely come back wait and watch. It is a part of a deal because it has to happen Kasauti might be going few years ahead. I don’t want to do but definitely I will do something and people will see me so just ask them to pray for me.

Are you planning to make any website for your fans because it would be much easier for the fans like us to share our views on your day to day performance?

Cezanne: I am so sorry. I am ok with the computers but not so well that I can make my own website but I will appreciate it you do it.

What is the reason behind that key you always wear around your neck? Why do you wear it?

Cezanne: It doesn’t denote anything. It’s just a pendant but I love wearing it because I love jewelry and people haven’t seen me like that they have seen me normal but they will be surprise to know that in real life I don’t have a single pair of formal shoes, pant or shirt. I am very casually dressed. I am very fond of wearing earrings, bracelets which I don’t wear in the serial so probably they will be surprised. You might say its fashion but I really like wearing it. I am use to it, I don’t wear rings but I definitely wear bracelet which I have been wearing for more than 10 years from now but I don’t show it on the project but I wear a bracelet, I wear a silver chain with a key pendant which you see but I keep changing my pendant. Its not that it really say something but it is just a pendant.

In all your years in television industry is there something very particular which comes to your mind which you would like to share with us?

Cezanne: There is nothing good or bad in the industry the only thing is that if I had to advice someone whether they should get in to it, I will tell them to work something which is more secure. Our line is very in secured, I mean if a person wants to take a chance it’s basically more of luck, definitely hard work does come. If I had to ask someone or if I had to advise someone then I would say that definitely you are talented also I would advice that you should do something which is more secured and you can catch on to the job but I feel nothing is impossible in this world. If you have the time and if you think that you want to do it then you should do but I mean it’s better to pick up a safer job.

Where do you think yourself 5 years from now?

Cezanne: That’s too long, I really don’t know exactly but definitely I want to be somewhere, to make a name for my self even in films and that doesn’t mean that I am going to leave television. I am definitely going to do television and would want to make a name for myself. I don’t know where, but definitely want to be somewhere.

Any plans for you to venture in to producing, directing anything which is related behind the scenes?

Cezanne: As if now nothing, no such plans but I think I will be very bad producer or director because I don’t have that attitude. I won’t be able to do it, so I won’t plan unless somebody really comes up and help me but I am not sure about that, nothing is planned as yet.

What’s the most ridiculous rumor you have ever heard about yourself?

Cezanne: I don’t remember anything specific. I have hared lot of rumors but nothing specific as such. I can’t specify on this which is the most ridiculous rumor I have heard.

What do you do in your free time if you have some?

Cezanne: Usually I don’t get free time because I am been working but if I do get free time I love listening to music and I practice Marshal Arts. I am very fond of Marshal Arts, I love watching television, eating. These are a couple of things which I love doing. If you see me at home you will either see me practicing or listening to music or watching a lot of music channels. I love watching English movies.

Do you watch anything other than Kasauti on television?

Cezanne: I don’t watch serials, I only watch English movies.

Which the most important thing in your life without which you can't stay?

Cezanne: 1st most important thing in my life is my mother, I don’t think I can stay without her and 2nd is definitely food. I can’t stay without food, I loveeating food. I hope god never makes me to do dieting because I can’t diet, I rather exercise but I can’t diet.

What’s your personal opinion about men in general on Indian soaps today?

Cezanne: I think that men cry a lot. As my personal opinion I feel that we just cry and I am totally opposite from what you see on screen. I definitely take my own opinion. I don’t dress like them the only thing which match with Anurag is I am very punctual about things and I am very honest. I don’t lie at all.

Yesterday you slapped a lady in the serial so when something like that happens and there is something that many people don’t like men hitting female. So why?

Cezanne: I won’t go with that, I would definitely say that a man should not hit a woman but as far as a script demands, as an actor I have just to do my job but we don’t really slap its just I pretend to slap.

If you could be an animal for an hour or a day what animal would you choose to be and why?

Cezanne: You will find it very reared but I would like to be two animals. I love the horses which run in a wild; I would love to run in a wild open and 2nd is the snake. You might find it very reared but I love snakes. I am sure that people find them very creepy but trust me they are beautiful animals and I love them. I would love to be a snake. It’s not in negative sense but the way they move they are very graceful and these are the two animals which I would love to be.

What are your plans for marriage?

Cezanne: As if now no plans for marriage. I definitely need to do a lot in my carrier, once I reach the position where I need to be tend definitely much more than what I have I would because each day is the learning experience for me. So I just want to concentrate on my carrier. My priority is carrier, marriage is not on the cards but when the day comes my fans will definitely know about it.

Can you a sing your favorite song Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jana Sanam from DDLJ for your huge fans on IF?

Cezanne: This goes for all my fans Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jana Sanam…….

Jaate Jaate I would ask you that do you ever log in to India Forums?

Cezanne: I don’t get the time but I would love to. This is a New Year message from me be good, be nice and do what you have to do. Believe in your self because remember one thing, “Nothing is impossible in this world”. If one person can do it so can you because everybody deserves the best and you should try for everything you want and remember that nothing is impossible. Thank you so much.

Text Edited and Images Added By: Indra Daga

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Want to see you back with shewta

1 years ago

hai!!!!! i love u r actin.specially kzk.u r smile is very cute.when u get a free plz do rrply back and i will be waiting 4 u r reply.

13 years ago

I liked his character in Kasautii!!! thanks!

15 years ago

Good article/pictures.
Enjoyed it.

Good luck to Big B for this movie!!

16 years ago

cezzane looks good on tv.....but not that much off screen......anurag.....missing you....

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i love cezanne more then bollywood and hollywood star

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i love u cezzene i am missing u badly *crying*

15 years ago

he iz a good actor but kzk iz boring without him miss him so much

16 years ago

nice interview. i love cezzane, he is so cute and his smile drives me crazy. i miss you soooooo much in kasauti.

16 years ago

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