India's Laughter Champion: Dr Mashoor Gulati's cute banter with Archana Puran Singh leaves everyone in splits

The upcoming episode of Sony TV show ‘India’s Laughter Champion’ is all set to take the viewers of a fun-filled ride with Sunil Grover donning everyone's favourite avtaar that of Dr. Mashoor Gulati.

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Sunil Grover and Archana Puran Singh

When it comes to the 'Queen of Laughter', the first and only name that comes to mind is Archana Puran Singh! Seen as a judge on Sony Entertainment Television’s comedy show India’s Laughter Champion, Archana has been an audience favourite who is not only known as a judge but is also for her vibrant and full of life laughter!

This Sunday, drowning a sea of laughter will be the very famous and the one and only Sunil Grover as the nation’s favorite Dr. Mashoor Gulati who seems to have lost his heart within the echoes of Archana’s laughter! Arriving on the sets of the show, Dr. Gulati would visibly be charmed by Archana Puran Singh and will be seen having a fun tete-a-tete with the judge, much to the amusement of Judge Shekhar Suman and the contestants.

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Dressed in a doctor's coat and accompanied with his signature grey wig, Sunil Grover as Dr. Mashoor Gulati will take everyone down memory lane with his rib-tickling punchlines. The comedian will engage everyone by performing hilarious acts on arriving early everywhere and being the face of medical practices in India among others. Not only this, but an enamoured Dr. Gulati would be seen admiring Archana Puran Singh throughout the show and make everyone laugh with their sweet banter.

While the contestants impress 'doctor saab' with varied stand-up acts, it would come as a surprise to everyone when Dr. Gulati decides to celebrate his own birthday in a humorous turn of events. With a man declaring that Dr. Gulati would like to celebrate his birthday, to setting the scene with balloons scattered all around to people dressed as nurses dancing around him, Dr. Gulati will be seen singing a special birthday song sung by none other than, himself! Making everyone convulsive with laughter, Dr. Gulati would amuse the audience with his hilarious but heartwarming antics, celebrating the birthday of the comedian's most popular character, which incidentally falls just four days before Sunil Grover's actual birthday on 3rd August.

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