Indian Idol Runner-up Amit Paul wows Raleigh crowd in India Fest, 2008

Amit Paul made it big in Indian Idol, becoming the heart throb of millions, creating a huge fan following not only in India but all over the globe. And true to his style, he wowed the audience in Raleigh with his mesmerizing voice.

The residents of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, waited with much anticipation since February to see their favourite Indian Idol star, the heartthrob of millions, Amit Paul perform live during the India Fest on March 8th and 9th. India Fest is a program sponsored by NavYug, a non-profit organization with a mission to promote awareness of Indian Cultural Arts. Since 2003 they have been hosting India Fest - Your Gateway to India (Details Here) showcasing multi-lingual, rich and diverse cultural arts from the region. Amit Paul and a Bombay band were the star attractions of this year's event.

Due to bad weather conditions, Amit's flight to Raleigh was delayed and he was not able to perform with the band on Saturday, March 8, as scheduled. However, on his arrival after an arduous fourteen hour wait at JFK, NY airport, Amit Paul was in high spirits and said he was ready to entertain Raleigh! (For more details Click here)

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True to his word, on Sunday, March 9th, he gave a brilliant performance making the whole community there dance to his tunes. According to one of the eyewitnesses who also happens to be an India-Forum's member, he supposedly had the crowd completely mesmerized with his performance. Not only that, he went an extra length and took many requests and at times even sang without any music. The crowd stood in lines to get his autograph and shake his hand. He had them all hypnotized. The organizers were very happy with the success of the show. Amit really wowed the audience of Raleigh and treated them to a feast which they will remember for a while.

While the Raleigh crowd was left totally satiated, there has been some disappointment back home as he hasn't been seen on the show for over two weeks, K for Kishore where he is a participant. He is supposed to be recuperating from a severe throat ailment, a condition which made his doctors advise him complete bed rest.

While Raleigh enjoyed the melody of his voice, K for Kishore hasn't been able to hear his voice for the last two weeks in a row. Is there a connection somewhere? We leave that for the readers to make a guess!!!

Author: Barnali

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Huh... woh jakal waha performce dera hai ...aur K for Kishore ko ignore?

Lekin it seems he is weak and not well..chalo he is a good singer.. i liked his hardworking

15 years ago

Amit Paul was always the best and by far the true winner of II

15 years ago

He's a realy best mujhe hamesha afsoos raha ki woh I-id 3 mein aa nahin paaya par K for Kishor mein use dekhkar bahot hi khushi hui or chahti hoon ki Kkishor mein woh aage bhi aata rahe.last week mein woh thik nahin tha par saayad next week mein aajaye

15 years ago

Raleigh!! Glad he dint stuck in Tornados. He indeed a talented artist. Lucky Raleighians

15 years ago

umm ok if he's so sick how is he performing at other places....

15 years ago

Hey a little correction-- Raleigh is in North Carolina not in North California. But yeah his performance was really good.

15 years ago

I was there too ... AIt was loads of fun! And yeah Barnali, please correct it to North Carolina.

Funny how I just got PM'ed asking about the details of the show and later today I see this article on TB.

Most of your article write-up looks suspiciously same as NavYug's website.

15 years ago

It should be Raleigh, North Carolina(not California)!!

15 years ago

yup..i was there as was soooo much fun..he was very friendly in theend when my sis asked him if she could hug him..he had the cutest smile and said yes :)

15 years ago

In the 14th March episode in K for Kishore they showed an AV of him really ill and one of the participants said that he was coughing out blood too. They were all praying for him in the temples.He was not there in the 7th and 8th March episodes too for the same reason as the doctors had adviced him complete throat rest and had confined im to bed rest. Then how did they give him permission to go for this overseas show... or was that illness not really an illness?

15 years ago

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