Indian Idol Auditions in the Dream Cities, Mumbai and Dubai : Preview

This week will witness the Auditions in Mumbai, Bhopal and for the first time, as the show goes international, in Dubai.

The search for the Third Season of Indian Idol has started!!! We saw the launch of II3 on May 4th, wherein the first week’s auditions were held in the North and in Gujarat.

So is the Euphoria that is attached to the Indian Idol everytime, back again ? It definitely seems so !! The journey is now well underway with the Auditions and will now reach the pinnacle, with the Crowning of the “One Magical Voice” who will be the “Bharat Ki Shaan” and “Indian Idol” for the 3rd season.
Lets take a Sneak Peak at the episode of May11th, showcasing the auditions in Mumbai and Dubai.


What is Life without Dreams? With every sunrise, comes new Aspirations, Dreams and the Desire and Motivation to achieve our Dreams. Mumbai is known to be the “City of Dreams”, with people from every nook and corner coming to this Dream City to taste Success. The Audition in Mumbai for II3 also saw an amazing crowd, all with a single Dream in their heart, and one Common Aspiration to Achieve..

Joginder Dhabhade lives in a chawl. But he has always had high hopes, his aim is to do well in Indian Idol. He wants to Achieve Success and wants to reach the sky. Will he?

Mahibum has come a long way, he is from Manipur. He has succeeded in coming this far after walking through many hurdles. So will his journey to Indian Idol be fruitful?

We see so many ups and downs in life.. But for this girl from Pune, the day was very tension-filled, as she came to the audition with a sore throat, but she went on to choose a song that would camaoflage that, but will it be enough?

Cricket Fever might be over!!! But this Fever lasts even now for a youngster who came well dressed , to enter a cricket match. So will this “Cricketer for the Future” break all norms and become the “Bharat ki Shaan” too?

The next contestant Nirmalai, was an accomplished singer. He came to the Audition with all the proof, with his certificates and medals. But do all these matter at the end? Or does all depend on the day, well, let us find out in tonight’s episode.

There was this youngster who said he wanted to introduce western classical to Indians. He played a Mexican piece on his guitar...however the guitar literally drowned his voice, so he was asked by the judges to sing without his guitar. So will his voice sans the guitar impress the judges?


Indian Idol went Global for the first time this week, and it was a time to celebrate for all the Indians living in Dubai. It was an emotional moment for them, as their participation in Indian Idol brought them much closer to their own country. The mood in the studio was upbeat , the whole atmosphere in Dubai was festive and had a feel of patriotism and family bonding in it. Let us now have a preview of this emotional journey as the songs sung by the contestants spread love and unity..

The first contestant was Jenia a model by profession. She had a present to offer to all the judges. She was full of enthusiasm , but will she be able to carry out this enthusiasm in her songs?

Pooja who came next ended up getting mixed reaction from the judges.. will she or won't she?

Have you ever seen a person singing Hindi songs in English!! Well, the next contestant Prashant had just this to offer.. Do you think this unique singing style will take Prashant oncourse to being the Bharat Ki Shaan?

The last contestant from Dubai was Rashmi who did some great singing, but would it be enough to sail her through to the next round?

With this, ended the audition in Mumbai and Dubai. We will not ruin your surprise element by revealing the results but do assure you that some of the selections will surprise you.

Don't forget to tune into this entralling audition episode of Indian Idol season 3 on 11th May and keep watching this space, we will be back with lot more news on many more auditions.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Contact author: Sree

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