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Indian Idol 5 sees a shocking elimination..

Tonight's episode of Indian Idol 5 will leave the viewers aghast with the unfortunate elimination of yet another bright talent..

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Loyal viewers of Sony's Indian Idol 5 are in for yet another dramatic result tonight, after the judges decided to use their Veto power to save the talented Rakesh Maini last week.

Shivaji Satam popularly known as ACP Pradhyuman of Sony's long running show CID graced the episode as Special Guest. He seemed to enjoy the performances coming from the top five contestants of this season's show.

A little birdie tells us, "The theme for the episode was 'Raaz'. While Bhoomi gave a sensational rendition of 'Yeh Raat', Sreeram's 'Aaj Ki Raat' was mind blowing. Shivam Pathak sang 'Gumnaam Hai Koi' in typical style and Swaroop Khan mesmerized all with his 'Jahan Teri Yeh Nazar Hai'. Rakesh sang the number 'Aaja Gufawon Mein Aa'.

Our source further informed, "Bhoomi who is the sole girl contestant in the show reached the Top Four along with Sreeram and Rakesh. Shivam and Swaroop found themselves in the bottom two. The junta favoured Swaroop, and Shivam was the unlucky contestant to have lost it out at such a crucial phase of the show. The judges were extremely shocked to see Shivam bowing out. Annu Malek and Salim promised Shivam a song each in their next movie".

Catch the shocking elimination tonight on Sony at 9 PM..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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classic_guy11 10 years ago Shivam was the most over-hyped contestant. he should have been eliminated long time back. hope swaroop wins it now
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Sharene 10 years ago Its sad to Shivam go...3 others do not even deserve to sit up there. Shivam will go a long way even without Indian Idol winner title. His talent is his best gift and will lead him to success. Thanks to Indian Idol for giving him a platform but sadly I will not be watching Indian Idol anymore.2010-07-28 16:23:10
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james789 10 years ago Swaroop vs Sreeram need to fight each other in top 2 , one have natural power another have trained up power, one is younger 19 other is 24 older, one is honest other is clever,one is innocent other is tactful, one got chance with bappi lahiri other got chance with selim marchent, one can sing folk and rock and other can sing rock and soft , now we wait for see the battle between them because they are equal so fun will be high2010-07-28 07:32:22
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lucky105 10 years ago sounds weird.judges have used veto power for a person who doesnot deserve to be the indian idol infact not in the top 5 even.please dump rakesh atleast now.we miss u shivam.
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madhy 10 years ago bhoomi should be out.not shivam.hope next time its bhoomi
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yipee 10 years ago crap...he, shreeram n rakesh shud have been in top 3...all the best to him for future
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Alpha_Ka_Gamma 10 years ago i want bhoomi to win d show
dat sreeram is very much over confident he thinks he is d best!!!!!!!!
BHOOMI : todi nakhya badha ne!!!!!
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james789 10 years ago This is not shocking it is justified elimination,we everybody saw on tv screen when shivam sing 3 idiots song in front of amir khan then he forget sur but judges allow him to sing twice , in this reality show this was unfair to stay long time by judges blessing so now is fair that shivam is out by janata vote.Next rakesh need to OUT.2010-07-27 23:58:13
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shahir 10 years ago Shivam was overated by judges, he deserved to go much before shashi and arpita
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sejal719 10 years ago ughhhhhhhhhh :( this is so sad i wanted him to win :(
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