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In conversation with Harshad Chopra...

An exclusive Chit Chat with Harshad Chopra, where he clears the air about the controversies on the sets of DJ and his experinces with Amber-Dhara. Read on...

Published: Wednesday,Oct 17, 2007 13:20 PM GMT-06:00
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After bagging a role in Sony’s latest show – Amber Dhara, Harshad Chopra is certainly under the spot light when it comes to the small screen. Along with fame and success, Harshad is now facing his share of controversies as a star..

In an exclusive Chit Chat with the actor, Harshad talks about his new show and tells his side of the story of what truly is going on behind the scenes…

How is it to work with the girls Kashmira and Sulagna?

They are absolutely brilliant. They have been working very hard for the last eight months, and it clearly shows on screen. Their perfection goes beyond all expectations. Whenever we have a scene together, I keep teasing these girls to go easy on their acting, otherwise, I wont be noticed at all (laughter). People wont even realize that I exit on screen, because all eyes will be on both of them, and people will end up admiring the two girls. (Laughs)

How did Akshat happen?

Actually, a few months ago, I read on India-forums that a few people wrote that I should play a character that is very romantic, and I was on the look out for a such a role, and then Akshat came up, and I too found the character interesting, so I took it up. So its all thanks to my fans, who actually thought that I had a romantic side in me that would look good on screen.

Who do you relate to more - Akshat or Ali?

Definitely Ali! I never felt like I was acting while doing Ali, I was just natural there, because I am exactly like him in real life. In fact I had to work a lot before starting off with Akshat.

But do you think you need to be like Akshat in real life now? Your female fans will surely like that, especially now that you’re the new chocolate boy of Indian Television…

(Blushes) Oh wow, that’s a nice compliment! Iit’s actually news to me that people now consider me as a chocolate boy, I am truly touched. But yes, I want to become more like Akshat now. He is just too good, and I need to be like that.

How are situations at the Left Right Left front?

We are out of our orange costumes (laughs). I really missed my green uniform. Its been such a long time since the entire team actually was together. And now, we’ve begun shooting scenes which are full of action and masti. Its been fun, though we will be missing Rajeev at the same time.

Coming back to AmberDhara, how is the love story between Amber and Akshat going to evolve?

Akshat is Amber’s best friend and just wants to see her happy. Amber loves him, and he too loves her, but he can’t be with her for obvious reasons.

If you were in a situation, something similar to Akshat, then what would you do?

Akshat loves Amber, but he can’t go and tell her, because if he does go and confess his love, Amber might feel bad about her self and would want to get separated from Dhara, and if that happens, she will die. So to protect her, Akshat isn’t saying anything. If something similar happened to me, then I would definitely do the same thing. I would not get married to that girl, but I would definitely stand by her as her strongest pillar, and never confess anything. Unlike Akshat, I wouldn’t even be with anyone else.

Recently, we read an article about a major fight that happened between you and the production house crew at DJ’s on the sets of Left Right Left. What exactly happened there?

Such things happen in our industry where things are blown out of proportion. One just needs to get used to it. But I would like to make a few things clear. First of all, I wasn’t late that day, I was on time, and nothing happened as was written in the paper, that the shooting was cancelled or anything. All that happened was, I came on the sets, and things started to heat up, and I and that guy just got very frustrated and we both began started yelling at each other. And then that was it... For about a few minutes, we were just screaming our heads off, come on, a place where you practically live everyday, such small issues happen. I was wrong that I screamed back at him, but then I was too over worked for the last few weeks. And after we vented out, we were fine. It was just a verbal argument. There was no physical fight involved. That guy is just too sweet, I cannot possibly even think about beating him up. I even called him and apologized to him after our verbal argument.

Why were you targeted by the media here, is it something that has to do with the fact that you joined Amber Dhara?

I honestly don’t think I should comment on that.

You have been very lucky to be part of shows that are like trail blazers, your comments on that.

Yes, I have been fortunate, that the three roles I did were so different. I did Mamta where I played a negative character, then I did Ali in Left Right Left, who is just like me, and now Akshat in Amber Dhara, it just feels great to get so much versatility. It was easy to do Mamta. As being negative, you have the freedom to do anything. Ali was also relatively easier, because I was a lot like him. I had to work on Akshat, but now that everyone suggest that I should be like Akshat, I might have a tough time playing Ali (laughs)

Lastly, a message to your fans.

I cannot thank you guys enough. Please continue to believe in me like before, and I’ll try my best to work harder…

As the famous saying goes – When people start talking bad about you, understand that you’re doing well… Surely the actor seems to be high in demand in the Telly World now, and with the increasing popularity, he better get aquainted to the ‘fame ke side effects’… Wishing Harshad Chopra the very best for his new project…

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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sugii @sugii 11 years ago lovelyy int..
God bless you harshad!!!
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harshadfanalwyx @harshadfanalwyx 12 years ago love him .. he is so sweet and down-to-earth! the best actor i have seen so far on television!
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-Alina- @-Alina- 12 years ago All the best harshad !!

Keep Rocking !!!

Miss you...
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AASUS @AASUS 13 years ago Wow, nice article. Thanks for posting though I've read this after 2 years!
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alimahnoor123 @alimahnoor123 13 years ago i am your #1 fan i just love your drama kis des main hai mera dil what is your next drama called2009-11-24 13:31:19
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hibaahsan @hibaahsan 14 years ago harshad....

i love u alotttt.....:):)
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komal @-komi- 14 years ago gr8 i luv u harshad u r sach a cutie
gr8 done best of luk.........
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Rahima Begum @RahimaHarshad 14 years ago I love you Harshad Yur MY NO.1 FAN!
I also love yur programme KDMHMD my favourite
you n aditty are doing good !! love you harshad your soo cute!!
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Vidya95 @Vidya95 14 years ago Hi, I am a fan of you; specially for ur current show Kis desh mein hai mera dil, I just love ur acting & ur partner Harshiti also doing good. Both are just fabulous, I am seeing this show frm France and I am just falling in love with you. Anyways, just continued, your wellwisher
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savi nakshatra
savi nakshatra @savi nakshatra 14 years ago u r so sweet.
u r awesome in Kis desh me hai mera dil............
i like u so much as prem...................
just wanted to know are u really like prem in your real life?

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