Imran Khan's candid confession: From body struggles to media's drug speculations

Imran Khan took to his social media account as he confessed his body struggles.

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Imran Khan

Imran Khan, once a Bollywood heartthrob, left the industry and his fans puzzled by his abrupt exit from acting. Over the years, there has been a persistent clamour for his return to the silver screen. In a recent Instagram post on October 6th, Imran Khan candidly shared his personal battle with body image issues.

The former actor disclosed that he had always possessed a naturally slender physique, even during his debut film "Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na," for which he had to don layers of clothing to look more substantial. 

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Taking to his Instagram account, he reminisced, " I've always been skinny. I'm one of those hyper-metabolic people, my body just burns through whatever I consume. Oh no, what a terrible affliction! In my late teens, guys around me started joining gyms and working out. They started to expand, their biceps stretching the sleeves of their t-shirts. I wore a size S, and my sleeves were still loose. I didn't need to be muscular to play Jai Singh Rathore... but I was convinced that I was too skinny, which is why Jai mostly wears two layers of clothing throughout Jaane Tu. For my next film, Kidnap, I hit the gym in earnest, and began my journey with body building.

Over the next few years, the sculpting and maintenance of my body became part of my lifestyle. I worked out regularly, but still I would hear "So... you'll bulk up a bit before we start shooting, right?"; "You're looking weak", "You look like a little boy, not a man", and "The heroine looks bigger than you" (ouch for both of us!).

In hindsight, I think I looked fine... but at the time, I felt insecure. I wanted a powerful, heroic physique. So I tried harder."

Khan also addressed the media's unfounded speculations about his health and alleged drug use due to his slender frame, following his exit from the film industry. These rumors deeply affected him, leaving him feeling ashamed and embarrassed. Consequently, he withdrew further from the limelight.

In his concluding remarks, Imran Khan revealed that he now focuses on his physical well-being through rigorous workouts and the consumption of natural supplements such as walnuts and turmeric.

Imran Khan's last appearance in Bollywood dates back to the 2015 romantic comedy "Katti Batti." Subsequently, he chose to step away from the film industry. However, there have been reports suggesting that Khan is contemplating a comeback with the director of "Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na," Abbas Tyrewala.

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So desperate to make a comeback, he’s posting all these photos with long captions. He’s not even good enough to play side character in a web show.

Whatever little success he had was because he’s Aamir Khan’s nephew. Otherwise he would working at McDonald’s.

4 months ago

Looking forward to his comeback

4 months ago

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