Imlie: The mystery of a mask man endangers Imlie's present

In the episode of Star Plus' show Imlie tonight, the mystery of a mask man will endanger Imlie's present

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Annapurna Daadi confronts Agastya, asserting that his actions belie his claim that the past holds no significance for him. In response, Agastya takes a drastic step, burning his childhood belongings, a move he attributes to Daadi's displeasure. Imlie intervenes, attempting to salvage the sentimental items, particularly Agastya's mother's photo. A masked intruder disrupts Pallo's house, adding to the unfolding drama.

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Meanwhile, Navya questions Vishwa's sudden departure, as he claims to be delving into Imlie's past for her case. At Pallo's house, Dolly and Jugnu engage in cleaning and preserving Agastya's mother's photo. Bulbul returns home to discover a chaotic scene, prompting speculation about the perpetrator. Agastya, distancing himself from the turmoil, plays the piano, eliciting a somber gathering of the entire family.

Agastya's jesting with family members masks the underlying tension. The spotlight then shifts to Karan's alliance with Yashi, leading to a nervously silent exit by Karan. Imlie confronts him about hiding the truth, adding complexity to an already intricate situation. Bulbul seeks refuge at Imlie's house, triggering a conflict between Imlie and Agastya over Bulbul's stay. Despite their arguments, Imlie decides to spend the night with Bulbul.

The night unfolds with Bulbul facing fears at Imlie's house, including a harmless rat scare. Imlie, reflecting on the complexities of her relationships, finds solace in Bulbul's company and her memories of Agastya. As they navigate through the night, mysterious occurrences heighten the suspense, with a masked man holding a dagger spotted outside. The episode ends with a cliffhanger, as Imlie expresses her fear of someone from her past returning to disrupt her present.


The narrative promises revelations about the mysterious masked figure, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

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