Imlie: Imlie to finally come face to face to the mysterious mask man

In the episode of Star Plus' show Imlie tonight, the mystery of the mask man is all set to unfold.

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Agastya informs Shivani that he plans to accompany Imlie today to renovate her house. Imlie questions if he will join her, to which Agastya affirms and mentions he will freshen up before heading out. The Chaudhrys head to the factory, where Navya informs Vishwa about the Chaudhrys attempting another takeover of his father's factory. Vishwa vows not to let that happen again and contacts the inspector, who reports that he couldn't find Imlie's aunt's photo in her house during the investigation.

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Upon reaching her house with Agastya, Imlie observes that the contractor hasn't started the renovation work. The contractor explains that the laborers are hesitant to work without receiving their wages. Imlie hands him some money, but the contractor insists on full payment. Agastya offers a cheque to cover the expenses, but Imlie declines his assistance, sparking an argument. Agastya's efforts to convince the contractor fail, leading Imlie to send him away. Despite Agastya's attempt to help, Imlie decides to work on her own, and they both begin renovating the entire house. Agastya questions the water source, and Imlie reveals they collect rainwater from the roof.

Meanwhile, at the Chaudhry factory inauguration, the family faces a gatekeeper preventing their entry. Agastya receives a call from Sonali and rushes to the factory. A confrontation ensues between Agastya and the gatekeeper, who reveals that due to a 2 crore debt, 50% of the factory has been sold to an investor. Agastya questions the identity of the investor, but the gatekeeper refuses to disclose the information. Vishwa congratulates Navya on becoming a 50% owner, revealing Singh Sweets as a gesture of celebration.

Back home, the Chaudhrys strategize on how to contact the new owner and convince them to allow some time for repayment. Imlie suggests delivering orders to prove their capability, but Agastya points out the need for a functioning factory and the reluctance of laborers to work without payment. Navya offers assistance to Daadi, and Imlie questions Vishwa about his sudden wealth, suspecting him due to his police background. Agastya intervenes, apologizes to Vishwa, and seeks help from him.


Imlie goes to meet Vishwa and discovers a mask in a drawer, raising concerns about whether Vishwa is the killer. Fear grips her as she encounters someone unexpected.

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