Imlie: Imlie slaps Surya

Imlie written update, 20 February, 2024: Imlie slaps Surya.

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Adrija Roy as Imlie
Adrija Roy as Imlie. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

When Imlie returns home, she is shocked to find her belongings missing. Confused and concerned, she questions Pallo Maami, who appears indifferent and claims ignorance about the missing items. Unsettled by the situation, Imlie reaches out to Bulbul, hoping she might have seen her belongings, particularly a photo of Agastya Babu. Bulbul denies seeing anything, prompting Imlie to suspect theft and decides to file a complaint at the police station.

Imlie and Surya's fallout:

At the police station, Imlie encounters resistance from the inspector, who accuses her of causing trouble with her frequent visits. Undeterred, Imlie insists on filing a missing items report, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Surya. Seeing him, Imlie becomes angry and accuses him of following her. Surya, however, asserts that it's the other way around and questions her presence at the station. The constable identifies Imlie as a regular visitor with complaints about her missing husband.

Imlie slaps Surya:

Realizing Surya's position as a senior inspector, Imlie apologizes and presents Agastya's photo, identifying him as her husband. Surya notices the resemblance between himself and Agastya and pledges to reopen the case and assist her. Grateful for his help, Imlie thanks him before leaving.

Later, Imlie discovers her missing belongings in Surya's jeep and confronts him. Surya claims to have obtained them from a thief but fails to return Agastya's photo. Suspicious of his intentions, Imlie accuses him of deception, to which Surya reveals his plan to impersonate Agastya and manipulate the Chaudhry family for his gain. Enraged by his deceit, Imlie slaps him and warns him against his nefarious intentions.

Surya challenges Imlie:

Their confrontation escalates as Surya challenges to marry her and make her his maid, while Imlie vows to protect the Chaudhry family at any cost. Amidst their heated argument, Imlie notices an auction invitation for the Chaudhry house and decides to intervene to help the family. Disguised as a maid, Imlie gains entry into the Chaudhry house, where her presence stirs curiosity and suspicion among the family members.

In a dramatic turn of events, Surya arrives at the Chaudhry house, shocking everyone with his resemblance to Agastya. He boldly asserts his presence and challenges Imlie, setting the stage for a fierce confrontation and escalating tensions within the household. 

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