Imlie: Imlie offers to help Surya in the investigation

Imlie written update, 1st March, 2024: Imlie offers help to Surya for his investigation. However, he refuses.

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Imlie: Imlie offers to help Surya in the investigation
Adrija Roy as Imlie. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

The episode of Imlie tonight commences with Surya telling Imlie that she and Malti lost their husbands, but there is a difference between them. 

Imlie decides to take the blame of Raghu's death:

He says Imlie proudly calls herself as Agastya’s widow, but Malati wears sindhoor and eagerly waits for Raghu; he can’t see his sister’s tears and can burn this whole house for her. He says she is hiding what happened to Raghu, but he will find out soon. Imlie feels guilty and runs back to her servant quarters. She tells god that if Imlie learns that her husband is dead, she can move head; if she does that, Shivani will be in trouble. Shivani with Sonali walks in and asks what shall she do as she hasn’t slept after that accident and gets nightmares. She requests to let her reveal truth to Surya. Imlie says she will take the blame on herself and asks them to keep their mouth shut.

Surya refuses to take Imlie's help:

Sonali asks why is she sacrificing herself for the ungrateful people who don’t even value her, they humiliate her regularly and now will consider her murderer for sure. Imlie recalls Agastya’s last words that he wants to see his family in peace. She says she will protect Agastya’s family at any cost. Sonali says when they saw Raghu, he was still alive, but by the time they went near him, someone had stabbed him and killed him already; instead of sacrificing herself, she should find the real culprit.

 She praises Imlie’s investigative nature and asks her to use it. Imlie walks to Surya who is enjoying filter coffee and starts her nok jhok. She criticizes his coffee and then describes how intelligent and investigative she is and offers to help him in investigation. Surya says she has just run a food cart, then sang in a bar, and now working as a maid, so she should stop boasting about herself and stop disturbing him. He flatly refuses to take her help. Imlie determines to help him at any cost.

Imlie speaks to the goons:

Next morning, during breakfast, Daadi insists Surya to have breakfast. Surya says he is in a hurry and will have breakfast later. He leaves home. He meets constable Tripathi who takes him towards a dreaded gang of Raghu’s friend to know his whereabouts. Imlie hides in his car. Tripathi describes how dangerous the gang is. Imlie shouts in fear hearing him. Surya notices her and asks what is she doing in his car.

Imlie says she wants to help him in investigation. Surya says he already refused her help. Imlie insists. He says it’s not easy to investigate criminals, she will see his talent. He gets into the gangster’s den. Boss asks why inspector came without any handcuffs. Surya shows photo of Raghu’s friend and says he wants to know his location. Boss refuses to divulge any details and threatens him with weapons. Surya walks away silently. Imlie laughs on him and then goes to speak to the goons.


 Surya blames Imlie for Malti’s condition. Imlie says she just was trying to help him. Surya throws her out of the house and says go and help now instead of giving an explanation. Imlie says he is unfit for that. He shuts the door on her face.

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