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Imlie: Imlie lies to Aryan about Cheeni’s identity

Gear up for an interesting episode of Star Plus show ‘Imlie’.

Published: Wednesday,Aug 03, 2022 05:45 AM GMT-06:00
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Aryan and Imlie

Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ has kept the fans glued to the TV screens. The current track of the show revolves around Aryan ending up at Pagdandiya to take the apology letter from the reported who defamed Bhaskar Times with her counter story, not realizing that the reporter is none other than Imlie. Meanwhile, Imlie is aware of the lawyer of Bhaskar Times waiting to meet her, not knowing that he is none other than Aryan.

In the upcoming episodes, Cheeni asks about her father to Imlie and Imlie tells her that a father is not always biological. He can be someone who protects you, feels your pain without you telling him and who would fight for you no matter what. Cheeni remembers Aryan doing all of this and tells Imlie that Aryan is her father. This leaves Imlie shocked. Cheeni sees Aryan and gets happy.

Aryan gets food and goodies for Cheeni and her family. Imlie and Aryan get into a conversation. Aryan indirectly asks Imlie if she got married to anyone and delivered a daughter Cheeni. Imlie tells her that Cheeni’s family consists of herself, Meethi and someone who’s always been there with her in difficult times. Aryan’s heart skips a beat and he asks him about that person. Imlie tells him that Sita Maiyya is the one who has been there for her.

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Meethi lies to Aryan about Cheeni’s identity stating that she is their relative’s daughter. Meethi asks Aryan to join them for dinner. Aryan gets reluctant but later agrees. They share banters. Aryan asks Imlie to sign the apology letter but she burns it.

In the forthcoming episodes, Aryan gets Imlie arrested.

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Sumaiya27 1 months ago Watching a jealous Aryan was such a delight! Can’t wait to see how this track unfolds further
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KambakthIshq 1 months ago Waiting for Aryan to know Cheeni’s truth. Story is getting interesting.
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MrinalR 1 months ago I am interested to know what makes Aryan to get Imlie arrest. As it is he himself is going to bail her out if she is arrested why to take the trouble🤦‍♀️
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lovereading14 1 months ago Complete ghonchus these two are, but I guess love makes all of us do stupid things
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lovereading14 1 months ago How did we go from one kid to 3 kids so fast 🤣🤣🤣
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wasra 1 months ago Just full on Ghonchupanti at it's peak! Phewwww!!
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Param-Sundari 1 months ago 3 admissions for primary school here 🤣
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Aarthi_01 1 months ago All ready with popcorn for the Tashan to start full on
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