Imlie: Imlie and Surya come face to face with each other

Imlie written update, 17th February 2024: Imlie and Surya finally come face to face with each other.

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Sai Ketan Rao as Surya Reddy
Sai Ketan Rao as Surya Reddy. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

Shivani is overcome with panic at the sight of Raghu's lifeless body, frantically insisting that he attempted to assault her but vehemently denying any involvement in his demise. Comforting her, Imlie assures Shivani that the police will not implicate any of them in the matter. Meanwhile, Raghu's wife, Malti, eagerly prepares breakfast, eagerly awaiting his return. However, her brother, Inspector Surya, mocks her, referring to her as an "empty bucket," and proceeds to have breakfast. Malti, hopeful for Raghu's return, urges Surya to wait until he arrives. As Imlie takes charge of burying Raghu, she consoles Shivani, reassuring her of her innocence. Surya attempts to contact Raghu, but Sonali, in distress, destroys the phone. Concerned for her husband, Malti turns to Surya for reassurance, trusting in her brother's capabilities as an inspector.

Dadi and Alka drive Imlie to tears:

Shivani's distress persists as the rest of the family returns home, prompting Daadi to inquire about her troubled state. Sonali attempts to divert the conversation, but Daadi insists on Shivani sharing her concerns. Admitting to the intrusion in their absence, Shivani is startled when Imlie unexpectedly enters and confesses to being the intruder, intending to retrieve something. Daadi and Alka scorn Imlie, branding her a thief, but Sonali defends her, asserting that Imlie would never steal from the family. Despite Sonali's defense, the humiliation continues, driving Imlie to tears as she reflects on her promise to Agastya to protect his family.

Imlie and Agastya come face to face:

Later that night, Surya clandestinely enters Imlie's home, recollecting information from Raghu's friend about his altercation with a street food vendor. Mistaking Surya for a threat, Imlie reacts impulsively, unmasking him and discovering his resemblance to Agastya, which leaves her in shock. The following morning, Bulbul wakes Imlie, who recounts her encounter with Agastya's doppelganger, though the cleaned-up surroundings suggest it may have been a figment of her imagination. Bulbul encourages Imlie to pursue her long-delayed dream of filling out her 12th-grade exam form, to which Imlie agrees.

Will Imlie and Shivani get caught?

Meanwhile, the Chaudhry family performs a Tulsi pooja in the backyard, where Daadi's emotional demeanor catches Binni's attention. Daadi admits to missing Agastya, though Rajni suggests focusing on Agastya's impending fatherhood. Avinash notices loose soil in the ground, prompting Sonali to nervously dismiss it as the gardener's oversight. However, their anxiety peaks when Avinash uncovers a doll's hand buried in the ground, sparking panic among the family members. Shivani recalls the events of the previous day, but relief washes over them when Rajni reveals that Govind had brought a doll for Agastya's unborn child, suggesting the hand may have belonged to the broken doll. Sonali informs Imlie of the discovery, instructing her to take the blame if anyone inquires about Raghu.


In the preview of the next episode, constables escort Surya to the Chaudhry house, as he declares his intuition that Raghu has a connection to their home and vows vengeance against Imlie for causing his sister distress. Determined to protect Agastya's family, Imlie solemnly vows to defend them at any cost, clutching onto Agastya's photograph for strength.

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