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Imlie gets kidnapped; an injured Aryan runs to save her in ‘Imlie’

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Published: Friday,Apr 15, 2022 05:38 AM GMT-06:00
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Imlie and Aryan

Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ is gearing up for an intense track. Imlie has learned the truth about Arvind’s death and is determined to reveal the same in front of Aryan. Imlie reaches the pageant competition venue and participates in the competition to reach to Aryan. Purandas’s aide Ashwin reaches the venue and follows Imlie and Aryan.

In the forthcoming episodes, Aryan announces Imlie as the winner of the competition. Rest of the contestants too laud Imlie. Aryan presents the trophy to her. Imlie informs him that his life is in danger. Aryan looks around and finds the bomb in the trophy. He informs everyone and asks them to leave. He tells Imlie to leave but she sticks by his side. Aryan throws the bomb in the air and they get saved. They share an eye-lock. Imlie informs him that she has learned the truth. She gets kidnapped by Ashwin.

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Madhav tells Aryan that Purandas is responsible for Arvind’s death and that Imlie has risked her life to unleash the truth. Aryan follows the car in which Imlie is. Aryan falls several times and get injured but still he continues to run behind the car. Ashwin tells her that he will kill her and then Aryan. Imlie thinks that she needs to record everything to show the proof to Aryan.

Nila thinks that if Aryan dies, she will get the hold of the property. Aparna, Narmada, Arpita, Rupi and others get scared for Aryan and Imlie.

In the forthcoming episodes, Imlie will reach Purandas’s place.

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BaAZiGar0 4 months ago aryannnn, oh aryan. no words, i have no words. just emotions.
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Sir-Please 4 months ago Intense track? Not an interesting one huh🤪
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Jyoti.Kaur 4 months ago The epi was just on🔥🔥🔥& AryLie chemistry was🍒on🎂! Loved every bit of it cant wait to see more of AryLie😍❤
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MishtyShona 4 months ago Today's episode was just mind bogglingly awesome. Kuddos to FK and ST for their brilliant portrayal of Aryan and Imlie doing such stunts by themselves during the holy month while fasting is a testament to your hard work and dedication.
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nirv 4 months ago Yipee! She finally calls ASR partner again. So excited.
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hurrom 4 months ago I hope Aryan and Imlie will save themselves by 50-50 partnership and nobody get injured or memory loss track.....or makers dont show that AKT come to save them and died while saving will effect the TRP.....IF they want to finish it give it a propet track... The story is indeed getting interesting..... Imlie progress in her professional and personal ia showing.....the actors are doing a great job....
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MishtyShona 4 months ago I really hope the Makers don’t kill AKT while trying to save Imlie or Aryile since he realised Imlie cannot live without Aryan. The guilt for Arylie will be too much and will push any progress they have had back by 100 steps. The character of AKT does not deserve to be killed off just because the story tellers don't know how to utilise him. I would prefer AKT realising his mistakes, sincerely apologising to Arpita, Imlie and Narmada before changing the city to start a new life outside Delhi with his family supporting him and relocating.
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MishtyShona 4 months ago FK's running as Aryan Singh Rathore was just out of the world phenomenal. Hats off FK, your hard work and dedication shines through the scene.
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shidin0117 4 months ago ARYAN SINGH RATHORE in action mode is treat to watch
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Sheldon-Cooperr 4 months ago Aryan running scene is worth that musical disaster. Why is this man so hot?🔥😍
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