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Imlie- Aryan to come face to face in Pagdandiya as rivals post leap; Malini takes over Bhaskar Times

Here’s what’s in the store for the viewers of Star Plus show ‘Imlie’.

Published: Friday,Jul 08, 2022 10:32 AM GMT-06:00
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Aryan, Imlie and Malini

Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ is getting quite intense with each passing episode. The show has recently witnessed a major twist with Malini returning in the lives of Imlie and wants to create a rift between Imlie and Aryan. Imlie and Aryan have rescued a baby girl and have been giving her the shelter. In the upcoming episodes, Imlie will learn that Malini has delieverd a baby girl and ill-treats her. She would want to take the custody of the baby while Malini is focusing on making Imlie lose her own baby resulting in major rift between her and Aryan.

As exclusively informed by India Forums, Aryan will blame Imlie for losing their baby as she was more concerned about Malini-Aditya’s baby. This will create a major dispute between them and they’ll separate.

Furthermore, India Forums has learned that post five years’ leap, Imlie will be seen relocating to Pagdandiya and she will work towards curbing the ritual of forced marriages in the village. She will work as a small-time reporter in a local news channel. The villagers will name-call Imlie and would put her down but she will come out stronger and take a stand for herself.

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Meanwhile, Malini takes over the majority of shares of Bhaskar Times as Aryan becomes laid back and loses interest in everything. A news piece in Bhaskar Times will leave Imlie agitated and she will be seen doing a counter story on the same which will give a major back-lash to the Bhaskar Times. This makes Aryan agitated. Malini tells him that some small time reporter from Pagdandiya is trying to malign the name of their publication.

Aryan decides to go to Pagdandiya and teach the reporter a lesson. Aryan and Imlie come face to face as rivals on professional as well as personal fronts. Imlie focuses on sending Aryan out of Pagdandiya while Aryan wants Imlie to lose her job.

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MishtyShona 2 months ago Fahmaan Khan is slaying it as Aryan Singh Rathore!
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BaAZiGar0 2 months ago omg so much wrong with what i read in this article, but the worst is that malini is gonna treat her own child like dirt? really ?
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MishtyShona 2 months ago If Arylie, separate, would really like to see the return of OG Aryan Singh Rathore who is a no nonsense, intense, sarcastic, shrewd, intelligent and calculative. Please don't turn him into Devdas!
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Nutkhut-Baalak 2 months ago Do behenon ki dushmani .. kiss ore ley jaegi Imaliya ko ?
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ranijain 2 months ago Imlie and Aryan already curbed the ritual of forced marriage in last PD track, why does she have to do that again.

So Arylie stay married for 6 months, half of the time spent fighting or mu due to Jo/ Uday track and then they separate for 5 years !! Waste of youth and life, so illogical.
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kolkata117 2 months ago If this is so then again Imlie Betrayed by husband! Malini again and again ruined Imlie's family life! Where is Imlie's professional and academic career.
Why imlie is so idiot and didn't think k of her child. She murder one child to save other one. Why don't she took Aryan's support!
Don't We think that this is forcefully separation track where there is no logical reason.
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iheartu 2 months ago Obviously we cannot take each & every word of this article as written in stone as it is not 100% accurate. And why would the entire plot be given away like this? It doesn't make sense.
But I am up for it if even a gist of this article is true! Let's do it. It's about time there is a change in the story line without pregnancies/kids/etc...
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Shravani95 2 months ago I can't accept the story , this article is stating
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KambakthIshq 2 months ago I’m not in a state to process this article😔
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MrinalR 2 months ago I can't digest at the moment so no comments
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