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Imlie: Aryan frames Aditya leaving Imlie distraught; Imlie challenges him to prove Aditya innocent

Here's what's in the store for the viewers of Star Plus show 'Imlie'.

Published: Tuesday,Mar 08, 2022 06:32 AM GMT-07:00
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Imlie and Aryan

Star Plus show 'Imlie' is getting a lot of love from the audiences. The current track of the show revolves around Aryan framing Aditya in false charges and getting him banned from journalism for ten years. Imlie knows that Aditya is innocent and is adamant on proving his innocence.

In the upcoming episodes, Aryan speaks to Srivastav who thanks him for informing him about Aditya's mistakes and that he has put a ban on him for 10 years and he can't take up a journalist's job anywhere. Aryan gets satisfied he smashes the glass frame with Aditya's picture and his articles and feels ecstatic to finally take his revenge. Aryan speaks to Adi's picture and says he was very proud of his profession and words and now he has taken that away from him. Imlie overhears it and asks Aryan if he put the ban on Aditya. She sees Aryan's hand bleeding and uses the first aid.

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Imlie tells him that she doesn't know about what exactly happened. Aryan narrates the incident and how the workers set his jiju on fire in the car leaving him scared for life. Imlie tries to take a stand for Adi stating that he wasn't aware of workers going overboard and killing Arvind. Aryan lashes out at her and states that Aditya is quite an experienced journalist and he knows exactly what his articles can do, despite of which he wrote a hard-hitting article which left the workers enraged. She tells Aryan that Aditya is innocent. Aryan shows her the footage proving Aditya's innocence. Imlie understands that Aryan has trapped him. Imlie challenges that she will prove Aditya innocent.

Aparna calls Imlie urgently at home. In the forthcoming episode, Imlie requests Aryan to help her if he takes her as a friend.

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Sir-Please 5 months ago Pleej tag actors
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lovereading14 5 months ago Aryan has gone for the kill... patrikaar ji now needs to start wedding prep I can feel the wedding approach!!!!
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lovereading14 5 months ago This is the ASR I signed up to watch!!! The grey side is flourishing as layers unfurl!!! Fahmaan you are killing it and yesterdays episode was my favourite so far!!!
Reply thumbs-up 3 thumbs-down 0
MishtyShona 5 months ago FT and ST chemistry and acting are on fire. Awesome chemistry between Aryeli! Keep it coming makers. Aryan did the right thing. ATK is no kid. Both ATK and Imlie need to understand the power of words and how ignorant or incendiary words can destroy lives and kill people. Especially Imlie needs to understand this. Aparna is the worst kind of mother. Her raja beta is drunk and she cannot do anything about it and simply cry and call imlie. She and her entire big family of educated adults are all so useless that they need a 19 year old to helpa them. I wonder what will be next? Imlie ATK ko sussu karna hai and bathroom kharab hai, help karde na plz! Imlie TV ke remote mere table per hai and baithe baithe mera haath nahi ja raha hai.. aake remote de de!
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hurrom 5 months ago The serial is getting interesting day by day.... Love to see Aryan grey side.. Both STK and FK doing great job....
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Sheldon-Cooperr 5 months ago Mind games of Aryan Singh Rathore, darling AKT you are not smart enough to deal with them.😌
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Sheldon-Cooperr 5 months ago Imlie and Aryan have crazy chemistry.❤❤
#SumbulTouqeer and #FahmaanKhan are just 🔥🔥
IF tum phir bhul gaye. How do we make you understand?🙄
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egle 5 months ago Crackling chemistry between the two leads and an exciting story line to boot! FK and STK play off each other so well- stunning together.
On a different note, it is getting downright creepy that Aparna calls Imlie for EVERY problem. How AKT survived 35 years without Imlie there to babysit him, I'll never understand. SMH.
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ramusk 5 months ago Makers .don't u dare making aryan go all negative.... we want arylie
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Happysoul17 5 months ago Words have power and Pen is the most powerful weapon for a journalist . AKT's irresponsible behaviour led the two powerful weapon to destroy someone's innocent life. (Aditya ki awaz mein...."Hum galat kab the 🤔🤔😔😔"?)

Kudos to Imlie team for giving us brilliant performers like MV,FK and ST👏👏👏.

MV as Aditya ka Innocent face and Victim mentality attitude 😡😡😒

FK as ASR ka Swag😎 😘😍

ST as Imlie ka nyaay aur mahanta ki devi ban na only for Tripathi and Adityaaaaaa Babu saheb, 😤😤😤
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