Imlie: Agastya proposes to Imlie, Bulbul's pregnancy revelation leaves everyone shocked

In the episode of Star Plus' show Imlie tonight, Agastya will be seen proposing to Imlie.

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Sai Ketan Rao and Adrija Roy

Imlie is taken aback when she sees Bulbul and Karan together, prompting her to wonder if Karan is Bulbul's boyfriend. Witnessing them hug, Imlie is relieved, thinking they've reconciled. Returning to the terrace, she finds the four youngsters asleep and decides to wake them up for some gossip and a game.

Proposing a round of truth or dare, the game kicks off with Agastya choosing dare. Karan and Shivani challenge him to propose Imlie, leading to a comical attempt. However, Agastya later surprises everyone by expressing his genuine feelings, kneeling down to propose to Imlie, who emotionally accepts.

As the game continues, Karan opts for truth and is questioned about his unmarried status despite being older than Agastya. Karan reveals he has a girlfriend named Yashi and plans to marry her soon, showing her photo. Imlie feels disheartened by this revelation.

The next morning, Bulbul calls Imlie to express gratitude for encouraging her to stand up for her self-respect. She shares that she confronted her boyfriend, and he appreciated her courage. Imlie, wanting to talk, is cut off as Bulbul promises to call back after speaking with her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Agastya receives information from a private detective about Vishwa's family having an ancestral home in Purvaiya. Confused by the conflicting stories, Agastya confronts Imlie, who seems preoccupied. Later, Imlie questions Karan about his marriage plans with Yashi, raising concerns about Bulbul. The situation intensifies as Rajni overhears and accuses Karan of betraying Bulbul.

Agastya visits Vishwa's family to clarify the confusion, and Navya admits to owning a house in Purvaiya. The tension heightens when Agastya discovers his car tires slashed and Imlie's photo crossed on the windshield. In a further twist, Imlie accuses Karan of wronging Bulbul, leading to a heated confrontation with the family. Agastya locks Imlie in a room, demanding an admission of her alleged mistake. 


A shocking revelation about Bulbul's pregnancy leaves everyone in disbelief, while Imlie notices Karan's telling facial expression.

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