Imlie: Agastya feels sad upon listening to Imlie call their marriage fake

In the upcoming episode of Imlie, Agastya will feel dejected when Imlie tells him that their marriage is fake.

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Sai Ketan Rao and Adrija Roy

Agastya inquires if Imlie is keeping an eye on her sister, to which Imlie counters by questioning his own surveillance. Agastya asks if there's a problem, and Imlie asserts that she can handle any issue on her own. Agastya leaves, and Imlie notices Daadi lost in thought. Inquiring about her contemplation, Daadi ponders whether to disclose Imlie's past to Navya and worries about its impact on Shivani's marriage. Imlie shares a mythological story emphasizing the consequences of even a small lie on both gods and humans. The family gathers, and Daadi expresses her intention to reveal Imlie's past work to Navya, leaving the decision to Agastya, Sonali, Shivani, and Karan.

Meanwhile, Avinash and Vishwa get ready for the function, finding Navya unprepared. Navya claims illness, prompting Avinash to stay with her. Once Avinash leaves, Navya reveals Imlie's past as a bar singer to Vishwa, who admits being aware of it. Navya, feeling isolated in her fight for revenge against the Chaudhrys, expresses her disappointment with her son. Vishwa apologizes to her.

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The family discusses the dilemma of informing Navya about Imlie's past, emphasizing the impact on Shivani's future. Shivani supports Imlie, citing her own experience with family judgment. The decision is made to inform Navya, and Avinash joins the family for the ritual. However, Navya arrives with Vishwa and announces her decision to cancel the wedding upon learning about Imlie's past. The family pleads with her, but Navya stands firm, supported by Vishwa.

As Navya's decision creates panic among the Chaudhrys, Daadi regrets not informing Navya earlier. Shivani and Avinash try to reason with Navya, but she remains unconvinced. Imlie, overhearing the conversation, rings the doorbell, pleading with Navya not to punish Shivani for her past. Navya raises concerns about potential guests recognizing Imlie. Annapurna receives a call from Navya, requesting the arrangements for the wedding to proceed as she aims to find a muhurat that night.

Agastya gets ready for the function and realizes Imlie is not in the room. He finds her talking to Shivani, who instructs her to return soon. Imlie glances at Agastya and leaves. Agastya, curious about her destination, follows her, initiating their playful banter. Imlie attempts to ride her bike, which breaks down, leading Agastya to insist on driving her in his car.


Imlie expresses anger towards Agastya and decides not to attend the function. Agastya suggests that instead of displaying anger, she should confront the issues they've been facing since her entry into his life. Imlie declares their marriage as fake and asserts that she is not his wife, but merely using him and his family as a means to earn money. Agastya, feeling dejected, walks away.

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I find this story best of all the seasons

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