Imlie: Agastya drags Imlie out of the house

In the episode of Star Plus' show Imlie tonight, Agastya will be seen dragging Imlie out of the house.

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The episode of Star Plus' show Imlie tonight starts with Navya intervening in Avinash and Shivani's engagement, revealing an intimate picture of Shivani with her ex-boyfriend. Annapurna, confused, seeks an explanation. Navya, determined to take action, insists on leaving the venue with Vishwa and Avinash. Annapurna pleads with Navya to punish Shivani but not break the alliance. Unyielding, Navya refuses Annapurna's request. Imlie steps in, defending Shivani and asserting that she hasn't committed any wrongdoing. 

She reminds Navya of her role as a daughter and a woman, delivering a compelling speech about Shivani's virtues. Navya questions Govind and Rajni's parenting, prompting Imlie to expose Avinash's past infidelities. Navya, furious, attempts to slap Imlie but is stopped by Agastya and Vishwa.

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Vishwa tries to reason with Navya, emphasizing their mission and advising her to focus on the bigger goal. He points out her double standards regarding Avinash's past and Shivani's present. Annapurna berates Imlie for interfering, while Agastya supports her. Navya eventually apologizes to Annapurna, realizing her error, and requests the engagement to proceed. Shivani and Avinash complete their engagement rituals. Shivani thanks Imlie for her support and praises Agastya for marrying Imlie.

The celebration continues with Govind singing for Rajni, and everyone dancing joyfully. Meanwhile, Jugnu opens the door to find Chandu, who has been mysteriously attacked and buried underground. Chandu, recalling the ominous incident, is dragged away by a mysterious figure.


Annapurna confronts Imlie, accusing her of accepting money from Agastya to return home. Agastya supports the claim, insisting that Imlie did take money. Imlie denies receiving any money, leading to a tense confrontation as Agastya drags her out of the house.

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Articles should contain news or at least the author's opinion or analysis. This "article" is nothing more than an episode summary, redundant with the Coolbie's daily topic.

2 months ago

This is a new formula per episode to keep this show going on...In one episode Agastya will say sorry and go to any extent to bring Imlie home obviously with his silly excuses, Imlie OMG her self-respect says NO NO NO but she comes the next day then the family just demean and insult her, Agastya will throw her out then again will go to search and ask her to come home this saga kreeps going on like that.
TO THE CHANNEL AND PH If ever you don't have any idea please close it.....No need to keep dragging it.

3 months ago

Not again. When will Agstiya learn that he may need Imlie again !

3 months ago

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