Imlie: Agastya and Imlie share an adorable romantic moment after he reads her diary

In the episode of Star Plus’ show Imlie tonight, Agastya and Imlie will be seen sharing a brief romantic moment.

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In the episode of Star Plus’ show Imlie tonight, Agastya informs Imlie that even her bicycle is reluctant for her to travel alone due to a broken chain. Despite Imlie's initial refusal, he persuades her into the car and begins driving. Concerned about Bulbul, he offers to take her to a doctor. Imlie, nervously deflecting the topic, assures him that Bulbul will be fine.

Upon reaching Pallo's house, Imlie questions whether Agastya will enter. Asserting his commitment, Agastya refuses to go anywhere without her. He accuses Imlie of wanting to avoid Shivani's wedding, prompting her to recall Navya's fears of her being recognized as a bar singer during the ceremony.

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Acknowledging Agastya's assumption, Imlie admits to harboring lingering resentment. Agastya, in response, pins her against a wall, expressing his desire for her to attend the wedding for his family's sake. However, Imlie, emphasizing their transactional relationship, asserts that she doesn't care about his family.

Dejected, Agastya walks away, instructing Imlie not to leave her house. Meanwhile, Navya and Vishwa discuss Imlie's absence from the wedding, with Navya expressing satisfaction that Vishwa has recommitted to his mission. They visit the Chaudhry house to inquire about the wedding muhurat, where Daadi questions the whereabouts of Agastya and Imlie. Shivani explains their absence, citing Imlie's sister's illness.

Pallo opens the door, spotting Imlie, and inquires about Agastya. Imlie informs her that he has left. Pallo questions if Bulbul reached her house for the function, but Imlie clarifies that she didn't show up. Meanwhile, Agastya encounters Imlie's friends, who reveal Bulbul's attempt to commit suicide. Agastya rushes to Pallo's house to update Imlie, leading to Pallo's anger towards Bulbul, whom she assumes is troubled by her boyfriend.

Agastya and Imlie arrive at the water well where Bulbul is contemplating suicide. Agastya, in an attempt to dissuade her, highlights the consequences for her boyfriend and urges her to value self-respect. Eventually, Bulbul comes down, expressing confusion. Imlie and Agastya offer comfort and escort her home. Pallo, concerned for Bulbul, checks on her and then attempts to hit her with a stick. Imlie and Agastya intervene to protect Bulbul, and during the chaos, Imlie's diary falls.

Agastya picks up the diary, reading Imlie's thoughts about him from their first meeting to falling in love. Imlie, embarrassed, tries to retrieve her diary as Agastya continues reading, playfully pulling her dupatta, prompting her to shyly hide her modesty.


 Pallo appreciates Agastya for imparting a lesson and plans to call her boyfriend, emphasizing that Bulbul deserves respect and a relationship like Agastya and Imlie's. The episode concludes with Panditji checking Shivani and Avinash's kundalis, Navya expressing concerns about revealing Avinash's father's name, and Amma's shocked reaction to the name Tej Pratap Singh.

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Reading someone's diary with consent would be romantic. (For example, on the Marathi series Tujhyāta Jīva Raṅgalā, Anjali gave her diary to Ranavijay to reassure him that she had never looked down on him.) Taking the diary by force and dodging the owner's efforts to reclaim it is not romantic.

This "article" is nothing more than an episode summary, redundant with the Coolbie's daily topic. Articles should contain news or at least the author's opinion or analysis.

2 months ago

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