'I'm not so eager about challenges' - Drashti Dhami

A chat with Drashti Dhami aka Geet of Star One’s new show Geet Hui Sabse Parayi..

Drashti Dhami after portraying the role of Dr. Muskaan on Dil Mill Gaye returns in the shy role of Geet on Endemol, 4 Lions Films and Star One's new show that goes by the same name.

She explains how she was apprehensive of taking up this role initially. She also candidly tells how she has been dodging her mother's many attempts at getting her married and how the reason for that is not her boyfriend!

How did you bag the role of Geet?
I went to auditions for this particular role. But once in the audition hall, when I got an idea of what Geet is like, I got nervous. But anyhow I gave the auditions and I got selected. But even after getting selected I wasn't confident I could do justice to the character because honestly Geet is very unlike me. But thanks to Nisaar, Gul and my camera person Rishi I learnt everyday what Geet is all about and did all I can to bring her alive onscreen.

You did very well in your debut show Dil Mill Gaye. So why such apprehensiveness on your second show?
See, in Dil Mil Gaye, I played Muskaan. A very vivacious and bubbly character. I'm as flamboyant as her. So it was relatively easier to assume and have the confidence that I can play her part. And when your mind says so, voila, it's so much easier. But in Geet's case, she walks different. She talks different. Everything about her is demure and subtle. There are days when I'm brash about certain gestures and someone has to remind me – 'Geet doesn't flip her hand that way' and I'm like 'Oh yes, sorry'. So you see the fact that I couldn't relate much to Geet made me afraid of taking her up as I'm not so eager about challenges.

Do you feel Geet represents the woman of today?
Geet represents a lot of women who are independent but not beyond their families. They are independent enough to complete their education and have fun with their girlfriends. But when it comes to have a say in who they want to get married to and where they want to get settled after marriage, they really don't go beyond their parents' choice. She doesn't have the strength to rebel against her parents.

Have you witnessed post-marital abandonment or harassment?
Actually, not amongst people who are too close. But I have heard about these incidents happening.

What about your upbringing, rural or urban?
I'm a Mumbai girl. I've been born and brought up in Borivli. I did my BA from Mithibai college majoring in sociology. And I used to be a part-time dance instructor for kids. So that's just about my upbringing.

How did acting happen to you?
Well, it so happened that when Crossword Mall got launched, my friend had an audition scheduled there. So I out of curiosity more about the mall tagged along. And then it so happened that the people there said anyone is free to give auditions. I simply went in for the auditions and got selected! That was my first print ad for a Scooty. Later lots of ads and music videos came along. Saiyaan dil mein aana re got me to another level. And then DMG happened.

What is better ads, music videos or television soaps?
Ads anytime! Because for ads you get to travel a lot. You get to be different every time.

Do you miss DMG?
Yes I miss DMG a lot because it was like a bunch of freaks put together. We were all of the same age and we used to have a blast during the shoots. And if it's a night shoot then it's a wild night out! But even my Geet family is very loving especially the senior star cast. So it's been good here too.

What is your idea of marriage?
My idea of marriage is lots of love with lots of responsibilities. It's a huge commitment and I'm not ready for that yet (laughs). And my idea of an ideal marriage would be Monday to Friday with mummy and Saturday –Sunday with hubby!

What about home turf? Are you under pressure to get married?
Yes, I'm 26 and like any other mother my mom is after me to get married. The typical…MBA pass, NRI etc. but I just put it off.

So is she unhappy with you working and putting off marriage?
No, my mom is happy to see me onscreen (smiles).

Are you seeing someone?
Noooo…I don't have a boyfriend!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose
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