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'I'm happy being single!' - Amrita Rao

The gorgeous Amrita Rao, who is a mentor on Star Plus’ Perfect Bride, confesses that she is not ready to be one yet!

Published: Tuesday,Sep 08, 2009 18:46 PM GMT-06:00
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Wearing a beautiful pink corset top and fishtail skirt, Amrita Rao looks every bit the Perfect Bride. But she confidently tells us that she is in no hurry to give up her single status.

As the glam doll readies herself to judge Star Plus' new reality show Perfect Bride, she gets into a conversation with Telly Buzz on her role in the show, her single status and much more..

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Why did you choose to be a part of this show?
If there's anything that works when it comes to entertainment then it's the concept. And the concept of this show is very unique. Something of this sort is happening for the first time in our country. When Star Plus people came to my home stating that the show will involve ten girls leaving their families and confronting five boys who are with their mothers, I was dumbfounded. I couldn't believe that from our country which is still very traditional, ten girls bold enough for the show could come out. Majority of them are from small towns. I salute their parents that they had so much faith in the channel and their daughters. They will not walk out of this show as models or actresses, but as brides. All the girls are well educated, independent with their own professions. I am honored that they have chosen me and I'm more than happy to be a part of the show and be the face of the young representative of the show.

Were the contestants selected on the basis of caste?
The contestants simply filed the forms and were randomly selected. They have not been selected on the basis of caste and I don't think selection on basis of caste has ever happened in the history of reality shows.

What kind of advice will you be giving to the contestants?
I'm a girl who belongs to the present generation and I believe in adjusting but not compromising. And my advice to the girls participating in the show would be to identify their good and bad traits, and present it without any nervousness to their potential husbands and mothers–in-law.

According to you, who is a Perfect Bride?
According to me a Perfect Bride is the one who can strike a perfect balance between her professional life and family life. She is the one who understands all the members of her family and keeps them knitted together.

What exactly is your role on the show?
Coming from the age group as the girls themselves, I very well understand what goes on in their minds. This is an age where the parents of a girl want her to make up her mind about marriage and soon settle in a good family. I can relate to the various emotions that these girls might go through. So my role is to be their friend.

What's the best thing about this show?
Fortunately I don't have to eliminate anyone in this show. I'm really happy about that.

Will you find your life partner through such a show?
No I'm happy by just being a third party in the show. I'm really not ready to be making the biggest decision of my life in front of millions of people who are watching me and judging my every fear, emotion and reaction. I'm happy being single and enjoying my single status.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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jasmeet92 5 years ago It is totally a time waste movie and it is comedy movie but there is no fun in the movie and it is a waste of money movie.
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SRK-ian 12 years ago Amrita should go out with Shahid. I don't see why they don't think they look cute together...
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adventure_gurl 13 years ago Yeah Shahid and Amrita look sizzling hot together always!
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SheVi4life 13 years ago yeah Shahid should take this opportunity....amrita is pretty but i hate her figure shes to skinny.... but watever shes still really pretty cute....2009-09-16 17:08:42
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desichica 13 years ago man..amrita shud hook up with shahid..they are so friggin cute together!!!
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fly2me 13 years ago **AHEM** Shahid **AHEM**!

I just love this girl!
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-tanya- 13 years ago Shes soo pretty, cant wait for the show.
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Xiahtic-5 13 years ago aww so sweet looking really her dress.
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Tani91 13 years ago love her...she is really gorgeous and I loved her answers
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ragzz. 13 years ago Aww shes so cute...I love her pink top and she looks like a doll here..Thanks IF for sharing this news! Love u Amrita Forever!!!
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