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Hansika Motwani has taken very short span transforming her status from the child actress to attain her present prestige of leading heroine.

Hansika Motwani has taken very short span transforming her status from the child actress to attain her present prestige of leading heroine. After her stunning appearance opposite Himesh Resamiya in Aap Ka Surror, the aspiring actress was lost from the front row of the B-town for a short period of time. And now she is bagged with funny bone tickler Money Hai Toh Honey Hai to make people feel her second phase on screen. Let’s share a few moments with the actress on what she has to say about her new avatar and the film…

Q. What is Money Hai Toh Honey Hai all about?
A. It’s my second Hindi movie where I play a comedy role. This film deals with six individual characters – Bobby, Lalabhai, Gaurav, Manik, Shruti and then there is Ashima Kapoor, my character, which is a successful TV star. Ashima is not happy with her career and is desperate to do films as a lead heroine. Suddenly, one fine day, they all get an SMS informing them that they are the owners of a 1000 crore company. However, their happiness do not last long for their lawyer reveals that there's a loan of 1200 crore on the company and they must repay it and until the loan is repaid, they would be kept under house arrest. That’s all I can say about it for the time being.

Q. How was it working with Govinda and that, too, in a comedy film?

A. Ooh! It was great honour working with Govindaji. He is like an institute altogether.

Q. Any acting tips from him?
A. I have learnt a lot from him as he kept saying about how I can do better and definitely he helped me a lot in dancing. I totally enjoyed working with him.

Q. How was Ganesh Acharya on the set?
A. He is totally a cool and chilled out director. He gave us a lot of space whatever way we felt, so I think I am fortunate that my second Hindi film is with such good person.

Q. Any interesting incident you would like to share with us that happened on the sets?
A. We all used to have Diwali out there on the sets. It was like having the last Diwali there.

Q. With so many stars in this film, how was the atmosphere on the sets?
A. Atmosphere on the set was very cool and we used to laugh a lot. We used to share our magazines and laughed on that also. We enjoyed totally out there during the shoot.

Q. Your expectations with the Money Hai Toh Honey Hai?
A. Well my audiences have always supported me and I hope that they will support me this time also. I will just keep my fingers crossed.

Q. What kind of roles are you comfortable with and what is your dream role?
A. Any kind of roles and for this I would like to go with the choice of my audience as in whatever way and whichever role they would like to see me portraying. I don't have any dream role as such, but am hoping that I will make my own dream role.

Q. Your future projects…
A. I don't want to talk about it now, let everything get in its place then I will speak about it.

-Sabir Rahman

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