Ileana D'Cruz opens up about the pain of motherhood: 'Nothing prepares you for your baby's pain

Ileana D'Cruz took to her social media account as she opened up on the pain of motherhood.

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Ileana D'Cruz

Ileana D'Cruz has recently taken a break from the spotlight to embark on a remarkable journey into motherhood. The actress, who welcomed her first child, baby boy Koa Phoenix Dolan, on August 1, has been sharing heartwarming moments of their mother-son bond on her Instagram. From celebrating the first week of motherhood to marking Koa's two-month milestone, Ileana is relishing every moment of this new chapter in her life.

However, one recent post caught the attention of her followers, revealing a different side of her motherly experience. 

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In the picture, half of Ileana's face is visible, with her baby peacefully resting on her shoulder. But instead of her usual radiant smile, her expression was tinged with concern. Something was amiss, and it was clear that Koa was experiencing some discomfort or pain. Alongside the image, the Raid actress candidly wrote, "Nothing prepares you for the pain you feel when your little one is hurting."

Further sharing a cute hug picture she wrote, "Baby cuddles all day for my little trooper ❤️Mama got some hugs in too🥺"

While fans were eagerly anticipating her upcoming projects, the actress surprised everyone by announcing her pregnancy. On August 5, she introduced the world to her bundle of joy, Koa Phoenix Dolan, a name that carries the meaning of a warrior and fearlessness. 

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Ileana D'cruz's Instagram story Ileana D'Cruz's Instagram story

Well reports state that Ileana tied the knot with her beau, Michael Dolan, on May 13, though the kaicouple has largely kept their relationship out of the public eye.

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