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If I were a boy, I would’ve married Shivangi Khedkar: Rutuja Sawant aka Mansi of ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali’

Rutuja Sawant aka Mansi of Star Plus show ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali’ gets in a candid chat with India Forums. Read on to know what she has to say.

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Rutuja and Shivangi

Courtesy : Rutuja and Shivangi's Instagram.

Star plus show ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali’ is one of the most loved shows on India Television. The viewers are going berserk adoring Raghav and Pallavi played by actors Sai Ketan Rao and Shivangi Khedkar. The show has taken an interesting turn with Raghav and Pallavi’s love story hitting the rock with Mandar’s arrival. However, the couple has expressed their feelings to each other and have promised to be with each other until the end.

Apart from the onscreen track, the viewers are always intrigued to know about the offscreen bond and personal lives of the actors from the show. India Forums got in touch with beautiful actress Rutuja Sawant who plays the role of ‘Mansi’ in the show. We asked her about her best friend and confidante on the sets, she quipped, “Well, I get along with Shivangi (Pallavi) the most. It was like an instant connection when I first met her, we have many things in common also we both LOVE SHUSHI. More like, if I were a boy, I would have married her (laughs). Like come on how can you not love her she’s just too adorable. After Shivangi, I get along with Snehal Reddy (Sulochana) and Ajinkya Joshi sir (Milind) they both are like my off-screen support system. They’re my go-to people if I need any advice.”

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Speaking about her character graph in future episodes, Rutuja added, “I’m also super excited to know that but right now I’m enjoying playing the grey shade. Just going with the flow, let’s see what Mansi has to offer to the viewers. Just keep watching and loving the show (laughs).”

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AppleOfEye 1 months ago Shivangi Khedkar is so gorgeous and such a beauty!❤️ No wonder why Rutuja thinks that way!🤣🤣
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RAGHVIFAM 2 months ago I'm totally understands her what she feels about shivangi because i feel same shivangi super cute how can you not like her and also rutuja she doing a amazing job as she trun negative now 👏👏
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beguiling 2 months ago Aww ;)

Mansi was such a sweet character but the character has taken such a turn off late. I wish Mansi as Pallavi's well-wisher, friend soon returns! It was lovely to see their solidarity and friendship.
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RosyRosh 2 months ago Same rutuja. Hahahaha. Shivangi khedkar is GORGEOUS in every way..personality style looks saab kuch.

Mehndi hai rachne waali
Sai ketan rao
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RishuDarling 2 months ago Rutuja has good taste 🤣 With more BTS scenes coming out I am falling in love not only with the characters alone but also the actors and their offscreen bonding. Rutuja as Manasi is doing also a wonderful job in being her greyself 👍 seems like there is grey shade rotation going on in mhrw 🤣 who was once positive is now grey and vice versa.

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Wallflowers 2 months ago Their off-screen bonding is so good. Shivangi is adorable
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Vits 2 months ago Shivangi is a sweetheart
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Joyness 2 months ago Love the show
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SONIA441 2 months ago Love it that the MHRW cast has great off-screen bonding. One of the most diverse casts I have come across, yet they all gel so well.
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Diya2021 2 months ago Mehndi hai rachne wali show has such a good cast. Who wouldn’t like Shivangi Khedkar, she is really a sweet girl and nice to read Rutuja’s bonding with her. Sai Ketan Rao and Shivangi Khedkar are slaying as Raghvi.
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