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IF I Was... with Raahil Azim

Raahil Azim very popularly known for his roles of 'Haatim' and 'Ashmit' is now with us for a round of Hypothetical IF I Was...

Published: Sunday,Jul 08, 2007 11:12 AM GMT-06:00
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He is the favourite Haatim for all generations! We've seen him as the cunning, yet darkly handsome husband of Pooja in the show Yeh Meri Life Hai...This talented and versatile actor is now back and assures his fans that he will surely be seen in new roles.... Now, we talk to this actor Raahil Azim and put him on the hot seat with some rapid fire situations....

IF I was to make a serial, then the theme would be: Male oriented subjects which will be loved by housewives..

If I was to lock one television personality in the Big Boss house, it would be: (Laughs) I would probably lock all the Producers in....

IF I was to give a makeover to one television personality, it would be: All look good. But if i have to, then i would give myself a makeover..

If I was given a day without rules, the first thing I would do is: I would never get up from bed... I love to sleep....

If I was given super powers like Krish, the first thing I would do is: I would visit my mom everyday who stays in Bangalore..

IF I was not an actor, i would be: A Software Engineer

IF I was to give a Message to my Fans, that would be: Always Believe you are the Best, because only when you believe this, you will be better than the rest!!

Whether it's locking all the producers in the Big Boss house or using his computer skills, Raahil has certainly wowed his fans with his dark characters in television serials. We hope to see him doing very well in the future!!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Ammmu

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Lazy-Bonz @Lazy-Bonz 13 years ago If I was given a day without rules, the first thing I would do is: I would never get up from bed... I love to sleep....

this always been my answer as well..
m happy that a person am a fan of have something in common with me..
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ALIA @ARAB GIRL 15 years ago i will chooes like u becouse u are tooo hansam , clever , serias person and ................
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Elas Rocks
Elas Rocks @Elas Rocks 15 years ago He's one man in this industry,I would go crazy for.I love him,rest are all second to him.
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so nice @solly21 16 years ago He is a very sweet and cute actor, I love al his work. Great work.
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heta @reallyshock 16 years ago he is true you have to believe that u r de best in world thanx great articlr
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Ika @-De.De- 16 years ago aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww My rahil. Thanx for article.
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pri_rocks @pri_rocks 16 years ago im mad abt him.
but 2 b true didnt like his shh phir koi hai wala role specially his eyebrow raisin scenes, they look so artificial.
he waz killer in resham dankh hope they air it again [ evev re-run will do ]
all the best for ur life.
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Kim @Kim_ 16 years ago Loved him in all his shows,

but Achanak's Ajinkya was my favourite, then I liked Aashmit too,
and I'm loving Aaryaman so much, they should continue this series with this character Aaryaman in ssshhh phir koi hai, 4 episodes are not enough, we want more :)
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neha_bbsr2005 @neha_bbsr2005 16 years ago Wow.Its a cool article:)
His comments are great..
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charmed ones
Sara @charmed ones 16 years ago WoW...that was awesome rapid fire.....I luv him so much.....I hope he touch the sky with laddar of succeed
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