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IF I was... with Alekh from Left Right Left

Check out what the stylish Alekh aka Arjun Bijlani from Left Right Left has to say if he had to answer some Hot Rapid Fires...

Published: Sunday,Jun 03, 2007 23:14 PM GMT-06:00
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Suave, handsome, and "cool"... These three words describe the very dashing Alekh aka Arjun Bijlani of the popular military show, Left Right Left. However, instead of dreaming about his clothing or his forget-me-not smile, let's take a look at what Arjun has to answer if he was stuck in some very interesting "If I was..." situations.

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If I was to ask one actress for a date it would be- Angelina

If I was to play a role in Devdas - Devdas himself.. I love shahrukh as Devdas

If I was offered a role of the male version of tulsi, you would… - Ahh I cant do it

If I was asked to choose one thing about Alekh I would choose - Many shades

If I was to rate LRL to any other show - 10/10

If I was a super man for 24hrs, I would - Throw all the politicians out

If I was asked to sing a song right now, I would sing - Ae Mere Watan ke logo… LRL has truly changed me

If I was asked to reveal what's next for me, my reply would be - I'm just enjoying playing Alekh at the moment.

Well, it looks like certainly Arjun won't want to play a male Tulsi, but he definitely portrays Alekh with the right amount of talent and his stylish dialogues! If you want to throw out the politicians as Superman, Arjun, you've certainly stolen our hearts in Left Right Left. Wishing you all the best for the show in the future!

Reporter: Hiral Bhatt
Author: Ankita, Anju
Contact Author: PM Ammmu, Anju

Arjun Bijlani

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AblazedEnigma.. 10 years ago love u jun,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
u r bst always 4 me
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annie07 11 years ago Way to go Arjun, u rocked as Alekh in LRL
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Lazy-Bonz 12 years ago greatanswers ..
n yes Tulsi is hard and sorry but boring to play
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anishma24 14 years ago thanks for the great article!
today i was really bored so i decided to read all tellybuzz articles!
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dreamer_dreams 15 years ago Hi alekh
U are such a cutie and i really like you all the best!!!
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shilpa goel
shilpa goel 15 years ago hi aalekh aka arjun
u r superb in lrl. wish u luck 4 ur such & may reach at top most of ur destination
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faiz_sujal 15 years ago hello kaidi i really like u and ur role in lrl.. u looks dashing..
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maha786 15 years ago This content is hidden.
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uditaiminghigh 15 years ago no1 cn evr rplce him in LRL...hes jus ausum...hats off 4 AALEKH...cheerio...bole to ekdum jahakaas...bindass..rapchik performance.... ;-)
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-De.De- 15 years ago Woowwww. Thanx for posting. I love u alekh foreva.
I love u in LRL. Alekh ROCX..
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