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I wish to come up with 24 hours comedy channel- Suresh Menon

Suresh Menon, comedian of television and and radio in conversation with our Bollywood reporter.

Published: Thursday,Apr 10, 2008 19:41 PM GMT-06:00
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Known for his Kamla ka hamla, the funny man, Suresh Menon radio jockey and anchor of television comedy shows is finally going to play a lead character in Krazzy 4 as a dumb guy. He speaks more about his role in the movie and his future plans with our reporter Binita.

What is Krazzy4 about?

It is a story about four patients - Irrfan Khan, Arshad Warsi, Rajpal Yadav and me. They have some mental problems and are treated by a doctor (Juhi Chawla).One day she takes them to a cricket match what happens after that is what the film is all about.

What is the kind of role that you would be playing in the movie?

I am playing a dumb guy who can't speak much as he is m
I wish to come up with 24 hours comedy channel- Suresh Menon
entally challenged and very insecure, he can't bring himself to say what he wants. It is a very interesting role and is different from what I have been doing on television. I also liked the character because of the fact that it is not a very animated character. In this film I have done more of subtle comedy.

How difficult was it to play a dumb character as you are known for talking your heart out?

I have been a great fan of Charlie Chaplin's silent films as I always believe that silence speaks a lot. So when this role was offered to me, I grabbed it as I personally feel that one can do a lot of comedy with silence. I have enjoyed throughout the film and I feel I am happy. I think I have played myself you will see a lot of Suresh Menon in the character.

What would you say about the cast if you were to describe each of the actors in one sentence each?

Arshad - absolutely natural and talented actor.

Irfan Khan - the world's best actor, I would say.

Rajpal Yadav - A bundle of energy and huge body of work behind him. Well on the sets none of us were competing with each other it was a complete team effort. We have made an entertaining film for the audience

What are you expectation form Krazzy 4?

As far as film is concerned I wish the film does really well and also I wish to hike the amount i charge for my movies.

So do you want to join the league of highest paid actors?

If my film really does well then I would charge 4 crores!

Share with us, your journey from radio to television and now to movies?

Well I think it has been a long journey for me from television to films. I am one of the actors who has done television, films as well as radio, so I have my hands full and I am enjoying this run. Krazzy 4 is one of the best films that I have done and I am looking forward to it mainly because it is a film where I am a playing a lead character. So for me it's an important film.

who has done a better job with the item numbers, Rakhi, Hrithik or Shahrukh?

All the three are really good but I think above all of them is Shahrukh as some how I think whatever he does is so good.

Your plans for the future?

I want to be a one stop entertainment shop. I am happy with what I am doing, everything will continue as it is after this film, be it television or radio. My ambition in life is to come up with a 24 hour comedy channel and I am already working towards it.

Hope the one of its kinds 24 hour comedy channel gets launched soon before other media houses come up with the idea!

Reporter and Author: Binita Ramchandani

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