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'I was preparing myself with self defence sprays' - Chahat Khanna

Chahat Khanna, the new Kaajal and co-star Neelu Kohli were harassed by a group of drunken men in Punjab while shooting for the show.

Kaajal's new lead actress Chahat Khanna and Neelu Kohli were in for shock recently while shooting for the show in Chandigarh. The actresses were doing their make up in their make up van when suddenly their make up van was surrounded by seven to eight drunken men who were trying to harass the two actresses.

When contacted Chahat( the new Kajjal in the show) she says, "The unit members were away shooting in the fields. While Neelu and myself were sitting in the vanity van and we saw some sloshed out men even teasing and passing lewd comments at us. We immediately locked ourselves inside, and I was preparing myself with self defence sprays and other such stuff which I like to carry with me. I wasn't scared, as my father is in the defence services so I am taught to be brave, but I was mentally just preparing myself. All I had in my mind was that we were two women and there were many men outside our van. Thankfully one of the unit members saw us and came to our rescue and beat them up. One of the production controllers got severely hurt in the process."

Says Neelu Kohli, " We were shooting in the middle of the village and the crowd was unruly there. We felt helpless and could not think of taking panga with these local men. When the unit members got to know, they packed us off to the hotel and got them beaten up. Now we have proper security around us all the time. But it was a scary feeling then as I have never confronted such a thing in my entire life. I haven't told my family members yet as they will be worried unnecessarily."

Author: Ruhail Amin

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xox.iloveyou 2007-10-16T16:12:46Z yehh chahat is reallly bravee.

glad to know their both fine.
pomegranate 2007-10-16T16:03:32Z oh god these men sound as their sick. anyways chahat is very brave that she didn't freak out.
desigrl27 2007-10-16T15:32:55Z guyz like that r juss sick n disgusting
addsb 2007-10-16T12:48:12Z Don't expect Shreyas to provide security to these Women.. They will leave no stone unturned to harass then by spreading all fake rumours ... security toh door ki baat hai
Cool_Dipti 2007-10-16T09:56:21Z oh!..Punjab! ..shocking to know about the culture of the people there!
-DulceMaria- 2007-10-16T08:26:44Z OMG!! its shocking but she's a brave girl :)
SugarQueen 2007-10-16T07:30:23Z Oh gosh...That is scary...Only 2 women and so many men....

jyoti06 2007-10-16T07:05:30Z Oh my gosh this is really Scary...I know they r shooting in the khets of Punjab..but there should tight security for such schedules,as they often shoot in lonely places
anku2cute 2007-10-16T06:54:54Z hailaaaa they r here...hehe wow...m sure kisi village mein aisa hua hoga...way to go girlies
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