'I was not eliminated because of my bad performance' - Juhi Parmar

The 2nd casualty in Say Shaava Shaava, Juhi Parmar talks to the Telly Buzz reporter soon after her elimination from the reality show..

Say Shaava Shaava, the 11 day musical reality show on NDTV Imagine is progressing at high speed and we witnessed the 2nd elimination today. To the surprise of viewers, Divyanka Tripathi and Juhi Parmar found themselves in the Danger Zone after their second performance, and today Juhi Parmar happens to be the 2nd celebrity to be voted out of Say Shaava Shaava.. The contestants who will face the music being in Danger Zone tonight are Narayani Shastri and Manish Goel..

Our reporter Ranjini Nair caught up with a dejected Juhi Parmar on the sets of the reality show. Says the gorgeous actress, “I was not eliminated because of my bad performance. I was eliminated because Aman targeted me the other day. In spite of giving a better performance in the second episode, I found myself in the danger zone.” Juhi does not blame the voting pattern as she feels that every reality show comes with a bundle of uncertainties. “Maybe the viewers did not connect to my performance properly, but found Divyanka’s performance more interesting. Hence they saved her”, says Juhi.

The format of Say Shaava Shaava has a clause wherein the person getting eliminated can be the savior for one contestant and the actress feels that this is where she lost the battle. “The funda is that before a person goes out of the show, he/she can save another contestant. At this juncture, the eliminated person will not know who is safe and who is in danger zone, the person needs to name one contestant based on the pervious performance”, says Juhi. She adds on to say, “Here, Aman preferred to choose Manish the other day because he just wanted to be nice to Manish because Manish was nice to him before. Today, before I came out of the contest, I saved Mouni purely because she sung very well. I am glad that I saved a good singer”.

Talking about Sumeet Raghvan, Juhi says with a smile on her face, “Sumeet is a very good singer. We are beginners in singing whereas he is supreme. We used to tease him that he can directly take part in the Grand Finale and allow us to battle it amongst ourselves till the final stage”. Juhi feels she has gained the confidence to sing before a big crowd now and the actress is very optimistic of getting back in the contest thro' Wild Card round. “I have 3 days left to prepare for the Wild Card, let us see if the judges and viewers get me back at least there”, says the actress as she signs off.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (13)

Actually I totaly agree with Juhiji. She told the correct because Aman took wrong decision & that's why now Juhiji is elliminited. & about my personal opinion, I'd voted for Juhiji because she is the best between Divyanka & her. But Divyanka won because of her drama & Juhiji is very pure hearted so, She lost but I don't like this because by comparision Juhiji is better that Divyanka. I just hate Divyanka.

16 years ago

Dunno why she's blaming Aman.. its the ppl that eliminated her, not him. Its not his fault that the eliminated contestants have a chance to save someone. He chose Manish, and that was his choice. She choice Mouni, and that was her choice. Someone else will choose someone and that will be there choice. There's no one to be blaming here. :S

16 years ago

aww poor Juhi..I wanted neither Divyanka or Juhi to leave
Loe her sporting attitude! All the best Juhi! rock on!

16 years ago

Awwww.. why'd she have to go :( feel sooo bad fr herr .. :'(
hope that she'll returnn..

16 years ago

Divanyka has more fan following and come across as down to earth human being and that attracted the audiences ofcourse !!

16 years ago

Divanyka has more fan following nd come across as down to earth human being nd that attracted the audiences :)

16 years ago

wel don noe abt her singin...n nothin to offend her fans ova here...bt i met her n june on da sets of kumkum...n srry to say...to her fans...bt shes realy a vry rude human...i usd to like her bfre bt tat deh...changed mah opinion abt her..shes realy vry rude..

16 years ago

I completely agree with Juhi...She was targeted by Aman the other day..we all know the cold war going on between Aman Verma and Juhi Parmar sinse the time they both acted together in Kumkum..

Juhi u need not worry because your fans r always there in your support and we all love u..so never give up hope..

Thank God Apurva is safe today...

16 years ago

I LOVE JUHI! omgsh i do hope you come back on wild card

and ur the best you saved a good singer :)

16 years ago

wht she said is true
def we need her back

16 years ago

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