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I was lost in my own small world during my sabbatical: Harshad Chopra

Popular actor Harshad Chopra marks his return to television with Sony TV’s Humsafars. The actor talks about his show, his character and much more in this conversation…

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Television's heartthrob Harshad Chopra who was last seen in Life OK's Dil se di dua.Saubhagyavati Bhava? is all set to make a comeback to the screens after a long sabbatical. His fans are elated and rejoicing his return on the small screen with Sony TV's Humsafars.

The actor will be seen in different look and in different character from what he has played earlier. TellyBuzz spoke to Harshad to know more about his character, his shooting experience so far and we also asked him as what kept him busy during his sabbatical in this exclusive chat.

Tell us something about your character?

I am playing Sahir Azim Chaudhary who is someone who is always more than what he appears to be. He is someone who is bound by strong contrasting emotions. He is like day and night co-existing; he someone who is holding a whole havoc inside him but appears to be calm. He is someone who might be a child from within and has developed a defense mechanism for himself to protect the child inside and that's why he is always more than what he appears to be.

Can you relate yourself to the character?

Yes, A lot. He is very hard working, he is somewhere much focused, he is running but that depends upon our perspective of looking at him whether he is running for something or he is running towards something or because he is running away from something, he is running towards something. Different things sounds similar and this is how the character is - its complex, its layered, its dark, its well edged out, it's well written and its well thought of. We all have a past and sometimes we just sit and look back to our past. Life and situations change you and Sahir is somebody with whom life has been unfair and cruel.

The show is based upon a Muslim backdrop so you must have done some preparations for your Urdu diction by attending some workshops?

The best part about the show is that it's a universal show. If a person won't know about the character being a Muslim then the person won't realize while watching it because they speak and talk like everybody else. Even Sahir Chaudhary, the name doesn't sound like a Muslim. Like every character is given a name, we have been given a culture which is Muslim. So, it's a universal show.

What made you opt for the show?

It's a good show and the very first time when I heard about the show, I felt like doing it because I felt like I will enjoy doing it and people will like it. They are very good people to work with.  

How has been your experience shooting in Lucknow?

Shooting in Lucknow has been fun. Whether we were shooting there or not but just being there was fun. We were having a tight schedule here so it was like a picnic for us there. Lucknow is a very nice place and I like good fragrances of perfumes which is available in varieties over there. Non vegetarian people will really enjoy Lucknow but I used to get stuck when it comes to enjoying the delicacies but it because I might have not explored it well. People of Lucknow are so open in life like they love to sing, they love to do Karaoke sessions, and they love to play football. Somewhere we lose all this but they still do it. The way they celebrate Diwali, Eid, Christmas or any other festival in Lucknow sets a perfect example of Unity in Diversity.

How is it working with Shivya Pathania, who is a newbie?

It doesn't feel like she is a newbie. She is already mingled well with all of us on the sets. We thought that being a newcomer she will take some time to be ready for everything but she just came and is all set for everything (smiles).

Is she taking any guidance from you?

No, I am taking guidance from her. I can't teach anybody about anything. She is confident and she doesn't appear to be a newcomer. There is a lot of freshness about the way she goes about things and that's what something I observe and try to pick it up in me.

Your look is very different from the characters you have played earlier...

I always try to be different. I am not really like somebody who can sit at home. When I wasn't working, I was still working as I was preparing. If I am working towards something, then I am working towards something otherwise, I am a person who likes to learn about so many things, I want to be perfect in things which I already know. I always want more; more of knowledge, more of perfection with what I already know. If I wouldn't have been doing what I was doing in the past 2 years then Sahir wouldn't have been looking like this or I shouldn't have been Sahir today. It's like a reward. I was just doing it without having any goal and I think that God has rewarded me.

What you were busy with?

When you get time then it's the time when you think and when we are continuously running then we don't even realize as when you stop thinking, when you lose yourself, when you forget yourself and your forget small little things about yourself. A break helps in having a fresh perspective about things. Having done so many shows, I am feeling like it's my first show and at the same time I am having a experience of doing 7 shows already. I am quite excited now.

During your sabbatical, you were away from the media as well...

I was lost in my own small little world. I think I was in that space from where I didn't want to come out. That is how I am and I tend to get into my own den for some time.   

In the middle of the break, you also became active on social media. How did that happen? 

Sometimes you think and realize about things you want to do. Sometimes, our thoughts change with time. It's not like that whatever I think is wrong or right; it's just about feeling the need and not feeling the need of anything. So, this is how it happened.

How has been the response from your fans so far?

So far it's so good and I am happy the way things have been received. I don't know whether they are loving my new look or what but I know that they are happy. They are in a happy space now.

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Tyshal 1 years ago Harshad Chopda as Sahir Azeem Chaudhary was very very different from the characters he played by that time...
This shows his dedication towards his work.
Keep it up Harshad Chopda!!
alkaoberoi 5 years ago Great interview, Harshad. As told many times earlier, we luv u in whatever u do... just come back:)
nehaarshi09 6 years ago awesome interview..harshap chopra we luv u u rock as sahir u look soo handsome<3<3luv yah
sparklesh 6 years ago Liking the show very much... you character is superb
Shahrukhlover 6 years ago Harshad ! You're the best! Keep rocking! I took a sabbatical from watching soap operas but now I'm going to start again with Humsafars! :)
premragan 6 years ago God bless you Harshad Chopra with success..
loved Sahir..
love u a lot ...
rakshas 6 years ago lovely epi.
god bless u harshad chopra
shil_hc 6 years ago All d best Harshad chopra..
M sure you gonna rock the character..
God bless you..
Anita16 6 years ago All the best Harshad Chopra!!
I am sure you will outshine all the angry young men out there
Stay blessed!!
blusky165 6 years ago All the best Harshad Chopra waiting for your new show. You will rock it
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