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'I want to remake Chupke Chupke' - Bakhtiyaar Irani

Bakhtiyaar Irani chit chats with us about his memorable moments and secret desire...

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Tom-boy look or Innocent look: Tom Boy

Define yourself in one word: I am a complete disciplinarian

Love or Lust: Love

Things that make you feel calm and comfortable: I forget everything and feel at the top of the world when I am with my son, Zeus B. Irani

Most Memorable moment: 21 March 2008, when he was born

Most Embarrassing moment: Yet to come

Best Compliment ever received: Yesterday I went to a theatre with my friends to watch Karzzz and one person in the audience told me that I look better than most of them and also perform better

Any Secret Desire: To remake Chupke Chupke and essay the role of Dharamji or Amitji

You idolize: My brother

On a date I would like to go with: Urmila

Your Favorite Destination: My pilgrim place Udawada

Your Favorite Food on roadside: Pani Puri

Your message for your fans on India-Forums: Believe in yourself and don't go too much into what people are saying about you. Enjoy life to full extent.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi



Urmila Matondkar Bakhtiyaar Irani

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nuts123 11 years ago Thanks...

Love bhaktiyaar...he''s an amazing dancer...and is hilarious on ZND =D
madhy 12 years ago This content is hidden.
yipee 12 years ago he is a nice but lil immature guy and too emotional ..love his passion for dance
ArmaansGirl 12 years ago bhaktiyar is cooll...i lyk his attitude..vry straight..no laging..honest..
Jenifer. 12 years ago Zeos B. Irani...that's one hellova name!
lordkrishna 12 years ago omg i didn't even know he is married
and has a son
that is so sweet
thanks for the info
phadukaran 12 years ago forget wht happened in Zaara Nach ke dikha people and move on... who cares...
virtuallife13 12 years ago Even though I am a big fan of Bakhtiyaar's dancing and Bakhtiyaar as a person, but i really didn't liked what he and all the other boys did in the Finale of ZND! It was something, that shouldn't have been done, and that should have been your most embarrassing moment!!

But, with that aside, i wish him all the luck and fortune...
I-love-dmg 12 years ago lol! Bakhtiyaar... hmmn... in ZND der are moments wen you jus wana kill him and den der are moments wne he's jus too funny! So ders a bit of like and hate goin on from my side! But no doubt he is a amazin dancer! He was also very funny at times too... i thought it was very sweet wen he was cryin for Chaitanya becuz i really felt for him.nyways i wonder wot he's gona do now as i've only saw him in ZND...
Intrepida 12 years ago Udwada is in Gujarat- pilgrimage place for Zoroastrians (parsis)...
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