'I relate more to Nikki than Pari' - Rashmi Desai

'Hai Sitaron Pe Nazar.. Pari Hoon Main' says Rashmi Desai as she plays the dual role in Star One's new serial...

A true 'Pari' in the making, Rashmi Desai, the fresh face in Television is on course to play a dual role in Star One's Pari Hoon Main, produced by B.R. Films.. The story revolves round the dual characters of Nikki Srivastav and Pari Rai Chaudary and explores the lives of these two girls, and shows how their uncanny resemblance causes turmoil in their lives.

Here is Rashmi Desai tackling her dual role and our questions with utmost ease.. “I am playing a dual role. Pari Rai Chaudary is the arrogant, elegant, and short-tempered actress while Nikki Srivastav is a simple and down to earth village girl. Both the characters are extremes of one another. Pari thinks she is very superior and all the others around her are inferior. The only similarity between the two girls is their resemblance to one another”, says Rashmi.

So which character does Rashmi bear resemblance to? With a grin on her face, she says, “I relate more to Nikki as I am also very simple and help people around me. But at times, I do act like Pari if something doesn’t go my way. Actually I would say I am a mixture of both.”

Is it not tough to debut with a dual role? “I agree, a dual character is difficult to portray but it was not for me. I had no qualms playing Nikki as I am a lot like her, but it gets a little overbearing to play Pari, since I had to act arrogant and short-tempered. But I am comfortable with the characters I play. And taking up such a lead role will also boost my career in television,” opines the pretty lass. Talking about her rapport with co-stars, Rashmi says, “Both Mohit and Karan are very sweet and helpful. They have more experience than me in this industry and I am learning a lot from them,” replies Rashmi.

And what plans does the cute belle have in store for her future? “I have no other projects. Although I have got quite some offers, right now I want to focus only on Pari Hoon Main”, is the determined reply we get..

Hope the ‘Pari’ in Rashmi grants all her wishes and takes her to the pinnacle of success..

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Melanie

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Comments (5)

she's really pretty! i saw her in RAVAN...she's really sweet

16 years ago

thnx.....the gals doing a gr8 job in her debut!!!!playing dual roles isnt easy...but shez making it quite simple...

i luk 4wrd to d story bt i thnk d basic of d story is similar to model behaviour a disney movie!!!!hope it has sum chngs in itself!!!

16 years ago

i love this show and Rashmi is doing a gr88 job both as Pari and Nikki

16 years ago

she is a cute girl. Looks sooo pretty in Ravan

16 years ago

Thanks ..started watchinhg it ..too early to judge it ..let's c !

16 years ago

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