'I need some time off for myself'

The music-maker of "Dhoom" is one of the busiest composers in Bollywood.

Music composer Pritam is a mentor-judge, along with Kunal Ganjawala and Shreya Ghosal, on musical reality show "Star Voice of India Kids". Interestingly, Pritam is equally for and against the concept of reality show. "I am against it because the viewers often vote for the contestants not because they sing well, but because they get emotionally attached to them. In fact, they even vote for participants just because they belong to their caste, religion, city or state.

Previously, Pritam had attended an episode of "Star Voice of India" as a celebrity judge. He is aware of the difference between a celebrity judge and a mentor-judge. While the former gives points to the contestant on a single performance of his, the latter has to judge as well as hone the talent throughout the competition. Pritam says he made no special preparation for becoming the judge of the kids' show. He feels he will choose his path as the show proceeds.

The music-maker of "Dhoom" is one of the busiest composers in Bollywood. Then how does he find time to judge the show? "I am required to go to the sets just on one day of the week. And as it is, I have reduced the number of films I accept. Now, I need some time off for myself too."

It is a fact that the channels and contestants benefit a lot from reality shows on television. But then, how would children benefit from them at such an impressionable age? Pritam counters: "Of course, such shows would benefit children who are genuinely interested to make a career out of music. But it is the responsibility of the parents to ascertain the capabilities and potential of the kids."

Today, controversy is the part and parcel of reality shows. It can be recalled how in one of the episodes of "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs" the mother of one of the contestants had come on stage to create a ruckus. Unable to bear her child's exit from the show, she had accused that the show was being mismanaged. At last, producer-director Gajendra Singh had to come on stage to pacify the woman. So can there be a repeat of such an episode on "Star Voice of India Kids"? "Well, it is difficult to predict whether a similar incident would happen or not. As for the example you gave, it was obvious that parents feel that their children are the best. So any such incident would be justifiable," Pritam says matter-of-factly. However, he adds that the authorities would try to prevent such an incident as it would be detrimental to the contest and would also put off the audience.

- Rajnee Gupta (SAMPURN)

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