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'I might be the oxygen which LRL needs' - Chhavi Mittal

The oomph element is back in Left Right Left, as the sexy and gorgeous Chhavi Mittal promises to give her audience the much needed flavour in the serial...


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The exit of Shweta Salve had taken away the oomph element from Left Right Left. Now Chhavi Mittal will try to spice up this daily SAB show, "Yes", said Mittal, " I will play the sexy psychiatrist Jaya (ironically even Shewta was a shrink on the show) at the reform school, where the 5 cadets will be sent for punishment". This talented actress who had debuted with Tumhari Disha says, "The main reason for taking up LRL was that its totally different from anything that I have done till date. Playing a strict and good looking army officer is no cake walk. I will have different relationships with each of the above cadets. A romantic angle will also appear later . Jaya's USP will be that, she will keep surprising the audiences".

Actually Chhavi was supposed to have entered LRL, when the second season began itself."Then I had been offered a love triangle track between Rajvir and Abhimanyu , but then things had not worked out", she remembered. . Don't you think that now, you are entering at the wrong time? For, post Rajeev, the TRPs are not keeping pace. "On the contrary, I just might be the oxygen which LRL needs". She quipped.

Author: Anil Merani


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togepe30 12 years ago well no offense to chavi fans but i dont think she has got a popularity ,so it really wudnt make any difference even if she comes......lolzz.......the show just CANT survive without RAJEEV !!!
hello98 12 years ago Chavvi's entry will end the show anyway...the same happened with TBP and Virasat
Hard Rock
Hard Rock 12 years ago Dont think so...with Rajeev gone the show has become so lacklustre...looks like it may wind up soon...
Prenz~13 12 years ago hope shes right, but 4 me..the oxygen left wid Rajeev..n it can never cum back in lrl now... :(
SadButTrue1 12 years ago survival of LRL post rajeev is doubtful...but i hope chavi's entry brings some charm in it...
angelic eyes
angelic eyes 12 years ago well i guess it wont make mucha difference.. maybe a slight improvement in lrl..
shareen 12 years ago Without rajeev i dont think lrl can really survive..
anishma24 12 years ago hmm i hope so but after rajeev's exit there is no hpe for LRL
devilangel 12 years ago ha ha ha so funny of her to think she is the oxygen of the show... if there were no naina, huda and abhimanyu and only her...lets see if she would call herself the oxygen
-PoisonIvy- 12 years ago ha, shes kidding right!no one can save lrl now..its rajeev, lrl is over.....
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