I long to do the role of a drug addict or a psycho: Tanushree Dutta

Tanushree Dutta, who is now in the limelight for her first international film 'Rama the Savior', has claimed that the kind of actions scenes she has done for this film has never been done by any Bollywood heroine!

Tanushree Dutta, who is now in the limelight for her first international film ‘Rama the Savior’, has claimed that the kind of actions scenes she has done for this film has never been done by any Bollywood heroine! Whether it is Zeenat Aman in the original ‘Don’, Piyanka Chopra in ‘Drona’ or Sushmita Sen in ‘Samay’ none have equaled her feats, says Tanushree. How far her claims are true can only be ascertained after the film is released. But as of now, we bring to you the excerpts of our recent conversation with this sexy Bengali star.

Q: Tell us something about you forthcoming film ‘Rama the Savior’.
A: I am very excited about this film and at the same time, I am happy too for I have done many action scenes in this movie. Although I sustained injuries during the shoot at times, overall it was very enjoying. As far as my character in the film is concerned, I do not have the permission to tell anything in this regard. All that I can tell you right now is that I am doing the role of an action lady in this film, which will be released some time later.

Q: We have heard that you have claimed to be the next action heroine of Bollywood ..
A: Yes, you are right. If the audience accepts me in this film, this will be a fact as I feel that very few heroines have done this type of action in their films. Anyways, these days it has become a trend for the Bollywood heroines to do actions scenes in their films. I am not aware which heroine has done how many action scenes in their films, but I can vouch that no one has done the number and kind of actions in their respective films that I have done in ‘Rama the Savior’.

Q: Please tell us in details about the kind of action scenes you have done in this film.
A: Generally, Bollywood heroines either slap someone or may even box the villain. But in this film I have done different action scenes – boxing while air-borne, jumping from altitudes, underwater stunts and the likes. To make it easier for you to comprehend, let me tell you that in this film I have done actions scenes like the girls did in the Hollywood flick ‘Charlie’s Angles’. Normally, actors take a minimum of two moths’ training to perform such scenes, but since the time was short, I trained just for two weeks before giving the shots. At the same time, I took some training in Twaekondo too.

Q: Among so many action scenes, which was the most thrilling?
A: (Thoughtfully) As far as I am concerned, I think that the underwater stunts were the best and most thrilling. It is a great experience to go deep down into the sea and see you amidst the aquatic animals. While performing these action scenes I often felt that I have lost my breath! Well, a reason for this could be that I don’t know swimming.

Q: Have you done any action in real life?
A: Actually, I have not had enough scope to engage in action in real life. When I was at school, I used to go for the camps organized by the school and there we learnt trekking, rock climbing as well as jumping from altitudes. However, I never participated in adventure camps as these required someone to accompany you and none of my frie

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nds had any interest in this kind of camps.

Q: There are a lot of kids in ‘Rama the Savior’. What was your experience working with them?
A: It was a great experience working with those children, who were decent as well as knowledgeable. Apart from the kids, in this film we have also acted with animals and this was the first time I saw a python from close quarters. In addition, there were chimpanzee and other kinds of animals in this film.

Q: What was more dangerous – working with kids or animals?
A: As I have already said, the kids were very decent. But they were very naughty and made a lot of commotion on the sets. (Laughingly) That way, working with kids was more dangerous, as the poor animals would be sitting idle when there was no work. There was special protection for them to avoid any harm to these animals.

Q: Did you find working with children easy or a difficult proposition?
A: Look, kids are after all kids and they were up to some or other ‘masti’, but everything they did was under strict discipline. And among these kids there were few who have long experiences of working in the industry and some of them have been in the profession even before me. They used to be naughty on the sets, but with me they were decent and polite.

Q: Would it be correct to say that the gates of the international film industry have opened before you after this film?
A: Everything will depend on what response the film gets from the audience after its release. But yes, I am happy to be able to do something new. I had accepted this film because it gave me an opportunity to do a lot of action scenes.

Q: So, should we conclude that this film has been able to realize your dreams?
A: Look, there is a saying that wishes never die as they are related to your dreams. A new desire takes birth after the fulfillment of one wish. Yes, my wishes of doing action scenes have definitely been fulfilled, but now I have another dream – to perform the role of a drug addict or a psycho.

Q: Which actresses have influenced you most to do such kind of roles?
A: I have immensely like Madhuri Dixit’s acting in ‘Zindagi Ek Jua’ where she portrayed the role of a drug addict. While Urmilla Matondkar’s role as a psycho was the best in ‘Pyar To Ne Kya Kiya’. I definitely like their acting, but I don’t want to be influenced by them. When I get a role like this, I will do it in my own style.

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