'I have had enough with LRL cadets' - Tony Singh

Things certainly do not seem to be fine in the Left Right Left camp; After the hue and cry of the actors, it is now time for the Producer Tony Singh to join the issue.

Left Right Left producer Tony Singh is never known to be a media savvy person. But this time, he has come out in the open to answer the constant allegation that the young cast of his show were making against him to the press.

What is going wrong in Left Right Left, your young actors are crying foul?

That's over-the-top!, Actually I have always been at the receiving end, not them . These ungrateful kids don't realize the value of being the principle cast of a cult show. The success has got to their heads. Just check out the number of complaints against them in CINTA". I have been in this industry for the past 18 years and have been never been so hassled till now. In fact in the middle, matters had reached such a head, that I requested SAB TV to ease me out. But they asked me to continue. If we were in the wrong, would they have done the same?

They are saying that the emphasis has shifted to other characters and it's no more a youth based show!. What do you have to say?

A show has to have different tracks. Gaurav Chopra and others have their places as well. But principally, the show still focusses on the six cadets; the problem with them is they want to always be in the lime light.

Ghazal Rai ( Pooja) has been missing for some time, and according to Vikas Manaktala, you had not signed a contract with her for Season 2. Talk us thro' this..

God! It's just the opposite, she refused to sign Season 2 contract. As for Vikas, the lesser said, the better. He was always more bothered about his looks, than anything else. However, the other actors are not any better. Harshad Chopra( Ali) takes on Amber Dhara, while he has an exclusive contract with me. Priyanka(Naina) keeps talking of moving out. Last but not the least, Kunal Kapoor(Udi) never turns up on time.

Did the show not go off track, when Season 2 began?

That was due to Rajeev Khandelwal. He could not make up his mind, if he wanted to quit or not. Hence we had to keep altering the script. Luckily, now things have recovered and the show is going well.

Do you plan to wrap things up soon, as speculated by the actors?

They may be saying this because they know that I have finally decided to throw all of them out. Very soon we will bring in new characters.

Will this not harm the show?

If we could survive after Rajeev's exit, then these 6 are no issue. Remember, a show is always more important, than it's actors.

How do you plan to show the change?

Just wait and watch. The graduating track will herald the changes, that's all I will say right now.

Author: Anil Merani

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Rajeev Khandelwal

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Gaurav Chopraa

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Comments (35)

Kunal Karan Kapoor you are the best.

5 years ago

Love Kunal Karan Kapoor as Yudi. The best.

5 years ago

love your acting Kunal Karan Kapoor ...love you forever

6 years ago

you are the best actor Kunal Karan Kapoor ... miss you a lot

7 years ago

Kunal Karan Kapoor you are the best of the best. waiting for you.

7 years ago

Kunal Karan Kapoor , wish you all the best in your life

8 years ago

I don't think he should have said like that

11 years ago

It wasn't fair how you said goodbye to Vikas character! please don't blame the actors. Everyone has to adjust.

'As for Vikas, the lesser said, the better. He was always more bothered about his looks, than anything else.' I agree he should be his character was meant to be casonova! I guess? it was nice show at start...!! :)

Miss it badly :( Wish SAB would re-upload or retalecast season1 :)

11 years ago

Wow, he shouldn't blame the actors. There is always two sides to a story.

14 years ago

I so agree with TONY!! and all the others who think TONY is right!!
can't others see that success has gone inot the head of these cadets!! open ur eyes people!!

16 years ago

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