'I had to learn English accent and diction for Asian Idol': Abhijeet

'Indian Idol' Abhijeet Sawant, who was the first to win a musical reality show, is now coming to win your hearts as an actor in 3S Creations 'Lottery' where he is romancing new comers Rucha Gujrati and Manisha Kelkar.

‘Indian Idol’ Abhijeet Sawant, who was the first to win a musical reality show, is now coming to win your hearts as an actor in 3S Creations 'Lottery' where he is romancing new comers Rucha Gujrati and Manisha Kelkar. His album 'Junoon' was on the top of the charts last year and he is hoping to repeat the same magic with his film. Let’s hear what he has to say about his new acting career and his passion for singing.

Q: Why did you decide to take up acting when you are having a good time in your profession as a singer?
A: It was a natural progression. After ‘Indian Idol’ I was getting many offers to act in films, but none of the scripts were promising or gave me confidence. When Hemant Prabhu, the director of this film, came to me, I thought this was the film I can start my career with. The character is similar to my personality and I decided to take up this project.

Q: Tell us something about the subject of the film?
A: The film deals with Rohit's love story with Manisha's character, which is that of a model. On the other hand, Rucha's character is in love with him and he gets attracted towards her owing to her innocence. He also gets indulged in a bet where if he wins he will get Rs 3 lakh. He can't understand who is behind this, but has to agree to the bet and wins. However, his greed grows. The film will be able to hold public attention and the audiences will keep guessing what will happen next.

Q: Were you apprehensive about the singer-to-actor transition?
A: Yes, I was. I had to take one step at a time, as we had many examples of singers turning to acting in the past. I was worried about how to approach, but decided to concentrate on my work and not to worry about the result.

Q: What is your character in the film?
A: The character is very simple and as I said earlier and is similar to my personality. There are no over the top scenes like jumping from the 20th floor or any thing like that. Rohit's character has been kept true to life.

Q: Have you done any special preparation for your first role?
A: Rohit is an underdog kind of character, who speaks less and leads his life in a simple way. He has his priorities like any other person. So, there were no heavy duty preparations, neither were they needed. But I still did a workshop for months with Rakesh Ji before the shooting started.

Q: Talking about ‘Indian Idol’, the winners of 2nd and 3rd season have not benefited much but even the 2nd and 3rd winners of the first season where you won have been benefited. Why is it so?
A: This has been happening from a long time in the television industry where the first season becomes a huge hit while their follow-ups are not able to gather much appreciation. It may be because in the first season the viewers were more curious about the outcome of the show and then become familiar with the format of the show. I think we were lucky to be a part of the first season. I think if the participants look at ‘Indian Idol’ as a platform and not at the end result, then they will benefit more.

Q: How has been the experience of participating in ‘Asian Idol’?
A: Superb, it was worth an experience. I didn't win, but the response was very good. We had become stars over there. The participants were from six different Asian countries. I am not the kind of person who listens to English songs, but I had to learn English songs especially for the competition. I had to learn the diction and doing this and performing was a big thing. I came third, but performing with the participants of different countries was a very memorable experience.

Q: How does it feel to find that your album 'Junoon' has become such a big hit?
A: I am thankful to everyone who expects good songs from me and when I do good work, appreciate it. I have planned that I will bring out at least one album every year, whether or not I am successful as an actor.

Q: What is happening on the playback front?
A: Three films are going to be released where I have sung and there is this film where I have sung all the songs. It is after completing this film that I will again start playback.

Q: How has been the experience of working with Rucha Gujarati and Manisha Kelkar?
A: Very good. It was their first film also. Rucha has done television so she was the most experienced amongst us, but we had a wonderful time working together. They both are very nice persons.

- Sonu Anand (SAMPURN)

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