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I had an intuition of catching COVID; quarantined myself before testing: Ayesha Singh aka Sai of GHKKPM

Ayesha Singh aka Sai of ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ shares her COVID experience and how she dealt with it.

Published: Wednesday,Jan 19, 2022 12:41 PM GMT-07:00
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Ayesha Singh

Ayesha Singh who plays the lead role in Star Plus show ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ recently contracted COVID. Fortunately, the actress bounced back quickly and is back on the sets of the show after being tested negative.

India Forums get in touch with Ayesha to know about her battle with COVID and her experience. The actress shared, “While there was a lot of panic regarding the third wave of COVID 1, there was also information available that the virus is giving mild symptoms this time around. It all began when I got fever and caught cold. I immediately quarantined myself as I had an intuition that I have contracted the virus even before testing. Once the result came positive, I continued to quarantine myself and take good care of myself”.

Talking about her quarantine schedule, Ayesha said, “Well, in the initial days, there wasn’t any schedule to follow as I was genuinely unwell. I had 102-103 degree fever and I couldn’t even move an eye-lid. The first five days just went like that but after going through those days, I started to feel a little better. I read a few books and watched shows online. Apart from keeping myself entertained, I focused more on taking proper rest and getting better as soon as possible”.

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Talking about the production house and channel’s support, Ayesha said, “I can’t thank my production house and even the channel enough as they really took good care of me. Siddhartha Vankar was constantly in touch with me. The production house had sent me beautiful flower bouquet and when I joined back also, they presented flowers to me. I really loved that gesture.”

We asked the gorgeous actress to share some tips for people who’re battling COVID, Ayesha said, “Honestly, I believe everyone has a different body and things work differently for everyone. What I did that helped me a lot was strictly following my doctor’s advice. He advised me to have a lot of water and I’m still continuing to do the same. I had steam, healthy food and took a lot of rest. My mother used to make kadha for me and I’d drink that. I also used to have ginger and clove water during the initial period. One of the most important things that really makes a difference is a positive approach and a positive mind set. There shouldn’t be a room for panic. If you feel you’re not getting better, you should immediately seek doctors’ help”.

Way to go, Ayesha!

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Chir-Cute 3 months ago It's a good thing that she has gotten better but it would be even better to see more responsible acts from actors and PHs. Masks should be made mandatory for everyone within the premises and when not shooting (in the case of actors). A lot of videos/reels/ group pics that float on the internet show celebs without masks. Irresponsible on their part. Prevention is always better than cure.
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1987Roso 3 months ago Aren’t the actors getting rapid tested everyday before shooting or on the sets ?
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spdp 3 months ago Good that She acted responsible enough and isolated.

In other show Pandyastore- 3 cast members Shiny, simran, Akshay partied in Goa, came back to set with cold & cough, shot for a few days with symptoms -including Simran making reels w/o mask while the support staff- hairdressers work on their hair. Complete disregard. the whole thing was kept under wraps until another actor- Alice who hadn't traveled, was rather very cautious tested positive. She tested after the other two's reports came positive & poor thing had shot with them past few days. Still -shiny doshi was maintained was 'just viral'.
Later Simran, shiny, also put up mocking posts saying Mumbai has many cases, let go goa. Complete covidiots.
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tina2711 3 months ago Sad to see, people are so negative nowadays that on covid article they have to put negative comment. Sorry Ayesha. Its their thinking which can't grow
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asmi_ekaa 3 months ago The point this PH and every other PH and crew need to understand is, they need to wear masks when not shooting. Making reels getting clicked for a few days can be avoided. But these actors do not understand it. Even Ayesha after coming back was sitting with someone for a reel, without wearing her mask, irresponsible because her body might have the remnants of the virus. The other team members were celebrating a personal achievement in close quarters, just after a co-actor was detected with covid. There is a lot of irresponsibility on their part, when they behave this way.
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1987Roso 3 months ago duh.... you isolate the moment you get the first symptom, and then await for the test.. where's intuition in this
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Shaome 3 months ago Glad to see that she has recovered..Hope she gets enough rests in between shots and eats healthy.. Having said that precautions are more important than preventionAfter so many days watched the episode having her there.. She did wonderful
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Devikadish 3 months ago Glad to see her recovered and back to the shoot. Good thing that she wasn't alone and her mom was around. Hope she recovers from the weakness as well pretty soon❤
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Palak2812 3 months ago Glad to see you are healthy and fine
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tina2711 3 months ago We all went so worried. Glad you are healthy and back. Lots of love and good wishes to you.
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