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'I felt great when I sang a song in Dill Mill Gayye' - Aishwarya

In conversation with the sweet, bubbly and vivacious singer Aishwarya Majumder, who talks about her experience in Star Voice of India Chhote Ustaads and much more...

Published: Sunday,Feb 03, 2008 09:21 AM GMT-07:00
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Known for her soulful renditions and amazing performances in Voice of India Chhote Ustaads, Aishwarya Majumdar is at her best as she talks her heart out. So here she is in conversation with the Telly Buzz team. Read on…

I felt great when I sang a song in Dill Mill Gayye - Aishwarya
How has your experience on Chhote Ustaad been?

It is a great experience for me. I feel privileged to be part of such a show and I don’t have words to describe my feelings. I am having immense fun out here with all the other participants.
Who is your toughest competitor?

All the participants are amazing in their own way. But if I have to single out the toughest competitors, it would be Anvesha and Soniya. They both possess unique and different voices.

There is a new concept being introduced in the show of bringing in an additional singer to challenge you’ll. What are your views on this concept?

It is a very good concept. And we have absolutely no problem with a new challenger being introduced at this stage. We have reached a stage where we all are confident of our voices and ready to face any new challenge.

But there was news about all of you protesting against the entry of the challenger. Is it true?

Well we were a little upset with this new concept to begin with. We had struggled quite a lot to reach to this level and felt it was unfair that a new face was gaining entry directly to the top six. But the whole concept of wearing a black wrist band and protesting on the new entry was scripted and we were asked to do it.
So who is a tougher competition for you, your fellow participants or the new challenger?

All the participants for the challenger are very good. It is definitely going to be a tough competition now with a new face.

And who among the singers are capable of being the potential challenger and enter Chhote Ustaad?

Rigveda and Sanchita are very good singers.
It is usually seen in reality shows that the girls are the first ones to be eliminated; how does it feel being a potential candidate to win Chhote Ustaad?

Well the guys are definitely good singers, but I guess we are just better. And I am very proud to be a girl.
You recently sung a song in Dill Mill Gaye; how was that experience?

Yes, I sung a song for the main lead Riddhima. I felt very lucky to be a part of Dill Mill Gaye because it is one of my favorite shows. I was thrilled when offered this opportunity and informed Anvesha, who is my best friend, and she encouraged me a lot.

What are your plans for the future, irrespective of whether you win or not?

The same as it has always been; to be a successful playback singer and sing for the leading ladies in Bollywood.

Reporter and Author: Melanie

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maheen hanif @maheen55 15 years ago she is so sweet and have very good voice
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Shruti @shruti 15 years ago She has sung the song Asmani female version for Ridz, she has a great voice.
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ta33 @ta33 15 years ago She is so sweet :)
Reality shows don't portray a lot of reality these days.Telling children to revolt...omg..thats cheap.
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Parachute. @Parachute. 15 years ago The song is the female version of Asmaani which was played today!
Fab song, sung really well
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*Jaya* @*Jaya* 15 years ago Great for Aishwarya that she is singing for Ridzy in DMG... Cute singer for cute girl :)

I am quite sure that her and Anwesha will find a footage a palyback industry soon.. Actually Aishwarya may find it sooner as she has been trying to make a mark in this industry for quite some time and I think knows some of the influential people too...

And to the author - Her name is Aishwarya Majmudar... Typo, I believe :)
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Ekta @urcrazy 15 years ago Love her....which song did she sing?????
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Jessi @mz.jess 15 years ago one talented girl, want her or soniya to win :)
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advil @advil 15 years ago The good thing first - Wow its great that she sang for Ridhima.Thats a good break !!! Heartiest congratulations Ash!

Now let's come to the not so good parts -
The black protest ribbon drama looked so staged that it could easily qualify for the worst acting award !

When will Gaj ji learn? when will he realise that children are different.Their innocence should be left alone and he as a grown up should teach them better things and not such stupid things.

When he found no illness, no poverty no sarhad mein dad for Anvesha and aishwarya, they introduced the difference between the two? For Christ sake, they are kids and they can have lil tiffs if they wish to(in this case it seems more like another staged drama), why bring their tiff to public focus? Was it necessary?

Why could they not spare the lil kids. They are talented enough to catch public attention, why such cheap gimmicks. When will star learn ???

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Shelly @Bubbly_Shelly 15 years ago Wow! She sang a song for the Riddhima?

She seems like one talented girl!
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tehreem @tehreemm 15 years ago wow she sung a song in DMG but which 1?
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