I enjoy working in both mediums, film and web: Shweta Tripathi

The Trip 2 goes on air on 5th October..


Bindass' original web series The Trip's season one starring Lisa Haydon, Shweta Tripathi, Mallika Dua and Sapna Pabbi was a huge hit among viewers. People loved the chemistry and bonding between the female characters and could resonate with their characteristics.

Well, the good news is that the second season of the series will be going on air very soon and the trailer is already out, and boy does it look amazing!

In a candid chat with us, actress Shweta Tripathi spoke about the show, her favourite travel destination, her new married life and working in the digital space.

In the last season, Shweta's character Ananya was getting married and she along with her best friends took a bachelorette trip. When asked why are the girls taking a trip this time around Shweta shared, "Well, last time the trip was planned, it was my wedding and all my best buddies were there for my bachelorette trip. We knew exactly where we were going, what we were doing, everything was pre-planned, but this time around there's nothing like it because it is going to be an accidental trip. We don't have any money, no bags, no plan nothing. It will be completely opposite of season 1."

Lisa Haydon, who was a part of season 1, will be not be a part of the show this time and makers have roped in actress Amyra Dastur as the fourth lead. Speaking about bonding with her she said, "Well Amyra is not replacing her because her character is very different. Lisa's character in lasts season was my childhood friend, and Amyra's character in this season in Nazia's (Mallika Dua) cousin sister. It's just that the character has changed, she in no way has replaced Lisa. We of course miss Lisa, but we bonded really well with Amyra. She is so full of energy and she's crazy and a lot of fun."

The girls have shot at the exotic locations of Pondicherry for this season. Sharing about the experience of shooting she said, "One thing that was interesting was, for season 1 we went to Shillong and Bangkok, and this time we were very excited for shooting in India. There are a lot of beautiful places in India that we don't get to see, it was a wonderful experience. I personally love Pondicherry and have been there 4 times."

We asked her what's her favourite travel destination and she took no time to reply that she loves Rome as she recently visited it and also she likes Lakshadweep islands.

When asked about her favourite travel companion she replied, "It has be my husband (giggles). It's amazing travelling with family and friends."

The actress just got married to her boyfriend, DJ Chetas. When we asked about her new married life, she quipped, " My married life is amazing. It's like a party."

We also were curious to know that is the series somewhere inspired by the very famous hollywood Movie series 'The Hangover'? And she was quick to reply , "Oh no not at all. There are some themes that are common, for example the bachelorette trip is very common now days. But this series is very different from the movie, it's more like a journey to self discovery."

When asked which medium do you think is more impactful in today's time, she said, "See both are equally impactful, but the fact that the web medium one can enjoy on the go, anytime, anywhere. On working front, you need to invest longer in a web series, whereas you get done with your movie character in one go. I enjoy working in both mediums film and web."

Speaking about her upcoming projects Shweta shared, "I'll start shooting for Mirzapur from 8th October, which is a huge contrast from the Trip series because in that my character is completely opposite from my character in this series."

The Trip 2 goes on air on 5th October at 7 PM on all Bindass platforms.  


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