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'I eat to live' - Nia Sharma

Tellybuzz in talks with Nia Sharma a.k.a Maanvi of "Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain" on Star Plus..

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Tellybuzz got in touch with the buoyant Nia Sharma of 'Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain' and despite her hectic round the clock shoot , she answered all the questions with blunt honesty and fervor. Read on to know this 21 year old energy packet...

How did you get into acting?

I completed my graduation and simultaneously I was auditioning for anchoring roles. While attending auditions I got selected for Anu's role in Kaali and all this happened in 3 days. It was a big exposure on Star Plus. I would tell everyone I would get back to Delhi after the show but thankfully I have managed to find my ground in Mumbai.

You are from Delhi and parents in Delhi are very protective. How was their reaction?

My mother was very supportive and she said that I had earned the role and deserved to give it a shot. She wanted me to put in my best efforts. I had friends in Mumbai and started living my life in Mumbai with dignity.

Who is your favorite co-star on the sets?

All of them! We care for each other like a family. We are a fairly young group and we have our fights but we don't carry the baggage. My Rishikesh family I call them by the names on the show- So Biji is Biji for me, Chachi is chachi !

Do you like Mumbai or Delhi?

Hands down Mumbai! Delhi I would have led a very dependent life whereas in Mumbai I live a very independent life - Driving myself to work and doing things on my own. I have found myself in Mumbai and have evolved as a person.

What is Nia like in real life?

She is a lot like Maavi. Our attitudes are the same and we talk similarly to friends. Except clothes, I'm totally like Maanvi.

What is your off day like?

I am a huge shopaholic. I always tell myself I will sleep but I end up shopping always. I lost my ATM card the other day and I felt so lost!

Have you ever slapped anyone?

Of course! I used to get in to a lot of physical fights with the guys in my school. I once punched a guy on his nose and it started bleeding. Unfortunately for me, we had PTA that day and that guy ran to my mother and complained to her.

If you could change something in Maanvi's character what would it be?

Only her dressing style! I would want her to wear best of clothes with a lot of color. Ever since she has been diagnosed with cancer, the colors she wears are very dull.

How do you fans react when they meet you?

It takes them a few seconds to recognize me. My look is very different from Maanvi's look and people are generally like- Oh my god! You are so different from her. I really hope they mean for good!

What is your favorite destination?

I have-not been to Goa ever since I have been to Mumbai. I have to go there. I have heard such amazing things about the place.

How do you maintain your svelte figure?

I'm not the kinds who live to eat. I'm not too fond of eating. I follow a very healthy diet that comprises of fruits. I don't eat junk food or chocolates.

What is your dream role?

I'm very happy with my current character and it feels tremendous playing a lead on Star Plus. However, after this I would love to play a super glamorous character.

Reporter and Author - Medha Parashar



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--Nia-- 8 years ago Would love to see you play a super glamourous Doll someday Nia Big smile
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karantyagi 8 years ago Nia u r sooo adorable...
I luv you so much...
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appuDMGlover 8 years ago Nia... u r awesome...
wish u all the best...
luv u...
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MaRiZ 8 years ago I just love this girl!! She is a true inspiration!! Confident, self-made, ambitious yet knows how to live her life to the fullest!!
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anaaaaa 8 years ago love ur answers u r just perfect love u sooo much GOD bless u
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Sehrin_Ahmed 8 years ago Your answers are just as honest as you, love it! Love you Nia :)2012-05-20 10:33:40
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xxMATSxx 8 years ago She is sooo TINY!!!!!! Wish I could be that tinyyy and petite..and I agree with her philosophy that you should eat to live not live to eat...but sadly sometimes the cravings take over and i end up living to eat HAHA
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coolstorybro 8 years ago oh.. nia... ! ur just awesome! i agree that ur an energy packet ... ROFL
ur soO talended, sweet and Cccutte !! ;D
may all ur wish come true!
lOvE u tons nia..! mwaxxX!!!!
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SAMINA.N 8 years ago love you nia
u r truely amazing..:)
May all ur wishes come true...
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dreamgirl.maira 8 years ago Love U loads Nia. You are a WONDERFUL actress. Congrats on 8th Position.
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